Oliver Postgate Remembered

Oliver Postgate remembered

Oliver Postgate 12th April 1925 - 8th December 2008

Oliver Postgate was a caring, thoughtful and lovely man. He was also a great cat lover. Oliver was hugely supportive of Cat Chat and our aims, and so, shortly after we became a registered Charity, he pursuaded (and assisted) his close cat-friend Bagpuss (below) to become a Cat Chat Patron.

Bagpuss, Cat Chat patronAlways generous with his time, Oliver's support during his last few years was invaluable. His encouragement, friendship, practical help and advice contributed greatly to the success of our homing and to the growth of the Charity as a whole. Oliver took a keen interest in our development, and was always so pleased to hear how he and Bagpuss were helping homeless cats around the country. He is sadly missed by all of us.

Mandy, one of Cat Chat's founders said:
"Oliver was a very special person indeed. Not only did he help Cat Chat in so many ways, but he also took a personal interest in our own cats too. When our ex-stray rescue cat, Pickford, had to have all but one of his teeth removed, Oliver was so worried about how he would manage his food ("Dears, how will he eat?") that he sent Pickford a food mincer, and a note saying "I hope you will find it makes life a bit easier." Oliver was a charming, funny, and genuinely caring person, and it was a privilege to have known him".

On behalf of all at Cat Chat, and also from the many happily homed cats: 'Thanks Oliver, we miss you'


Bye bye Oliver, thank you for all the fun, and for making so many people happy.
Until Rainbow Bridge, farewell old friend.

As well as creating such well-loved characters as Bagpuss, the Clangers, Ivor the Engine, Noggin the Nog, and more, Oliver was also a shrewd political commentator and ardent campaigner for awareness about issues such as global warming. Find out more about Oliver, and his work here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliver_Postgate

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