Cat Fencing and Catios

The benefits of cat fencing, and how it could enable you to adopt.

Cats enjoy being out in the sun and fresh air. But, if allowing your cat to roam free might compromise their safety, cat fencing or a catio could be the perfect solution.

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Keeping Your Cat Entertained Indoors

Great ideas to keep indoor cats stimulated, active and happy.

Cats are explorers, hunters and predators by nature. If you have an indoor cat, there are lots of ways you can feed their curiosity and encourage their natural instincts.

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Microchipping your Cat

Find out more about Microchipping, and why it's so important.

This simple and painless procedure has many benefits, including giving you and your cat the best chance of being re-united if he or she becomes lost.

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Covid-19: Adapting & Adopting

How rehoming centres have adapted to coronavirus.

Despite the challenges of covid-19, rescue cats still need new homes! From video viewings to contact free handovers, find out how rescue shelters have adapted...

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Thinking of getting a Cat?

How to prepare for a new furry family member.

Adopting a cat can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do, and has many benefits. Good preparation will really help when welcoming your new feline companion...

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How to take great cat photos

5 Top Tips for taking great cat photos

We all love to see gorgeous cat photos, but exactly how do you go about getting the best shots of your cat? We are delighted to bring you these top tips from an award winning pet photographer...

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Cats & Dogs Living Together?

7 Top Tips to help cats & dogs live in harmony.

Many cats and dogs can happily live in the same home. It’s important however, to properly manage their introductions, as negative experiences can sour the future relationship...

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Adopting an Older Cat

How adopting an older cat changed one couple’s life.

Tara and her husband were sure they didn't want any kind of responsibility. But Sheppy, a tubby, elderly tortoiseshell with a stump for a tail had very different ideas for them...

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