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Does your Rescue Centre need MORE HOMES for cats in your care?
A FREE Cat Homing Web Page on can help!

Cat Chat Free Cat Homing Pages

If you run a Rescue Centre, Shelter or Rehoming Group or Branch in the UK or Ireland - Cat Chat is here to help you... and your cats! We are also able to help Vets Practices with cats to rehome...

Whether your organisation already uses the web to feature cats seeking homes or not, a free Cat Homing Page will help you. Your cats will be seen by a much wider audience, increasing adoption enquiries.

You don't have to be a registered charity to have a Cat Homing Page, but all cats added to your page who are old enough, must either already be neutered/spayed, or will be neutered prior to homing.

The Cat Chat website sources new, loving homes for thousands of cats each year from rescue groups and shelters across the UK and Ireland. Don't let your cats miss out!

  Free Cat Homing Page for Shelters  

FAQ's and Facts...

Who Can Have a Page?
Our Cat Homing Pages are available to all UK and Ireland-based cat rescue centres and rehoming groups, including branches of the larger rehoming organisations. We can also provide pages to vets practices who carry out rehoming.

Mushroom from Stokey Cats... & Dogs (Hackney) - HomedAre They Really Free? 
Yes, the pages are completely free. We set your page up, host it and promote it on the Cat Chat Charity's website at no cost to you. All you do is add your cat's details to your page, (easy instructions provided)... and wait for offers of homes to start coming in!

Unique to Your Rescue
Your rehoming page is unique to your rescue group or shelter, headed up with your rescue's name, contact details and logo (if you have one). We provide you with unique logins to access your page.

Easy to Update
The pages are very easy to manage, using any web browser (via computer, tablet or mobile). No web design knowledge is required, and no special software is needed. We provide simple step-by-step instructions, but if you need any help updating your page, our Volunteer Help Team will be happy to assist.

You Have Control
You have complete control over all aspects of rehoming - we don't get involved in your homing procedures at all. Our job is to get your cats seen, to promote your page, and to put more adoption enquiries your way!

Contents of Your Page
You can add as many cats seeking homes to your page as you wish. Larger shelters with a high turnover of cats may wish to only feature cats on their Cat Chat page who have been at the shelter a little longer. However, there must always be some cats for homing on your page, as that's what the public visit Cat Chat for! You can include up to four photos of each cat, and a video if you wish. Each page has sections for 'homed cats' (to show your successes), and 'information & news' (for homing notes, news, events, volunteers needed etc).

Oreo from Thanet Cat Club (Broadstairs) - HomedWe'll get Your Page Seen!
All cats on your Homing Page automatically appear on our well-visited Cats Needing Homes section. We also place regionally-targeted links to your page throughout the Cat Chat website, so that most visitors to your page will live in or near to your rehoming area. Cat Chat is well indexed by Google and other search engines. Also, when your page has been 'live' for a short while, it will be picked up individually by search engines.

Short Page Links
We can also offer you a Short Page Link, in this style: linking to your Cat Chat Page. Short Links are really useful for letting people how to find your Cat Chat page, or when promoting your page on social networks, emails, flyers etc.

Additional Promotion
If you have your own website (or Facebook page), we will link to it from your Cat Chat page to send more visitors to your site. You could if you wish, add a link back to your Cat Chat page from your own site or Facebook page.

Help for Your 'Overlooked' Cats
Shelters with a Cat Homing Page can also use our Overlooked Cats section, giving extra publicity to cats who have been with you for five months or more, or who are harder-to-home for any reason.

If you have any questions about our Cat Homing Pages, just email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Want a Page?
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Top Tips for Good Homing Results

Rosie from Ryedale & Scarborough Cat Welfare - HomedRegular Updates
Update the cats on your page regularly; ideally weekly (more often if you wish), or at least fortnightly. You can put as many cats as you like on your page. Generally, more cats on your page usually means more enquiries. To maintain our homing standards, pages which are not updated for over two months, following our standard reminders and offers of help, may be de-activated until such time as they are updated. If you need help updating your page, our volunteer Help Team will be happy to assist.

Including a photo(s) of each cat greatly increases their chances of homing offers. No matter how good or bad the photo is, people 'connect' more with a cat if they can see it. There is a generous size limit (up to 300KB per photo), and you can upload up to four photos to each listing. If you need help adding photos to your page, our volunteer Help Team will be pleased to optimise and upload your photos for you.

Full and Honest Descriptions
Be totally open and honest about the cat's needs and character - no matter how 'hard to home' this may make them seem. Cat Chat is visited by a high number of experienced, rescue-minded cat people, and the right homes are frequently found for the more tricky-to-place cats. The more you can say about the cat, the better the chances of getting just the right home, so tell it like it is!

Top 10 Homing Page Tips!
Further tips on getting the best from your homing page here: Cat Chat Homing Pages - Top 10 Tips

See Examples of Live Homing Pages

What Shelters Say about their Cat Homing Page

Salon from Cramar Cat Sanctuary - HomedCat Chat is the best website to attract good potential adopters. All my best adopters are sourced via Cat Chat, many, many thanks. Star Cat Rescue, Market Rasen

You have truly been an incredible help to us. We can't afford a website, so having our cats feature on CatChat makes rehoming possible. Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford

We get a lot of enquiries via Catchat and have homed many cats because of this. Thank you so much for the amazing job your website does in promoting adoption. Cat Rescue West Wales

As a small rescue, it's great to have a safe platform to advertise my gorgeous foster cats. I just wanted to let you know the massive difference this has made. I’ve already recommended Cat Chat to other fantastic small rescues. Sherman's Rescue, Peterborough

Cat Chat is a lifeline for thousands of cats each year. You are probably the single most important resource for all things cats. I would say that most of the calls Feline Friends London receives come to us via Cat Chat. We simply couldn’t do what we do without the valuable resource you provide.
Feline Friends London

Most of the cats we put on Cat Chat get homes through your site. We so appreciate all your help. It's a wonderful help to our small charity. Cat Action Trust (1977), East Kilbride

Hundreds of rescue organisations around the UK and Ireland have a Cat Chat page, with great homing results!  See some recent successes here: Rehoming 'Roll of Honour'

  Free Cat Homing Page for Shelters

Conditions for our free Homing Pages: (1) All adult cats placed on your page must either already be neutered, or will be neutered prior to homing. Pages found to be featuring un-neutered adult cats may be removed without prior notice. (2) Kittens must be at least 8 weeks old before adoption. (3) Cat Chat's remit as a charity is to support rescue shelters and cats within our registered coverage area of the UK and Ireland. Therefore we are unable to assist organisations based outside of the UK or Ireland, or organisations based in the UK or Ireland, whose main or sole purpose is to import animals from overseas. (4) Cat Chat reserves the right to refuse any application for a homing page at our discretion.

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