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Below are a selection of 'Perfect Pairs' homed after being seen on Cat Chat.
If YOU have homed a cat with Cat Chat’s help, we'd love to know! If you have adopted a cat after seeing them on Cat Chat, or shelters who have re-homed a cat with Cat Chat's help, please email us as follows (with a photo if possible): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they could star on our "Roll of Honour"!


Wolfy & Ringo from  Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through Cat ChatGreat news - Wolfy and Ringo have now been homed after being spotted on our Cat Chat page - many thanks. Sadly their owner had passed away. They are five years old and are very affectionate towards each other so they had to stay together. Because they'd been around their female owner all the time they are a bit wary of men but a bit of chicken helps. Ringo especially might take a bit of time to come round in his new home as he was so close to his former owner. Both are used to being brushed to keep their beautiful coats mat-free. They've now found a loving home.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Bonnie & Clyde from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, homed through Cat ChatJust to let you know Bonnie and Clyde have been homed. The pair would never have had a chance of a home without the help of Cat Chat. They were born in the rescue, but unfortunately they were very nervous - just petrified of new people. They relied on each other a lot so could not be separated. They needed a very quiet home, a lot of patience and TLC from an experienced person who would be able to take on a challenge to socialise them and gain their trust. They'd have to be kept indoors for a long time before they can have their freedom. They have been given a wonderful home by two ladies in a quiet household where they will be given the chance to come out of their shell.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Oxana & Odin

Oxana & Odin, from Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford, homed through Cat ChatOxana has been adopted with her son Odin thanks to Cat Chat! A lovely couple came forward and they were looking for any cat/cats that were overlooked and nobody wanted them. It took five months, as black cats are always overlooked, but she’s landed a lovely home. Oxana is a very clever girl who knows how to please humans. A cuddle bunny and a lap cat, she’s quiet and non destructive, and also very gentle and patient. Odin is a cuddly and friendly boy, he likes to be a leader, and he’s quite independent. He’s the only child who stood up to the other adult cats in our care. I can’t thank you enough for your help! 

Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford

Padraig and Niamh

Padraig and Niamh, from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatDelighted to let you know that Padraig and Niamh are settling well into their adoptive home, having been spotted a few weeks ago on Cat Chat.  They're gorgeous cats who have landed themselves a really lovely home so we're very happy for them. They were found (separately) wandering outdoors on their own. Padraig would have been about five months old at that stage and little Niamh only  four-five weeks!  It wasn't a great start in life, baby Niamh nearly caused a road traffic accident by wandering out into the road.  All changed when kind members of the public found each of them and took them to the same vet.  The lovely vet surgery took them in, treated them for worms and fleas and spent time trying to find their owners to reunite them.  When no owners came forward they asked if we could take them into rescue. Padraig is a very gentle, loving little boy who loves to snuggle and play.  Niamh is less of a snuggler and more keen to be chasing around and playing, she's quite a chatterbox too.  She has a purr twice her size though which she saves for when she's being stroked.  

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield


Anouska & Sherlock from Cat Action Trust South Doncaster, homed through Cat ChatThese two have found their forever home together after being spotted on Cat Chat. Thank you. These gorgeous kittens were born as part of a litter of 4 in a garden in May. Anouska is the brindle tortie girl, Sherlock the tabby and white boy.

Cat Action Trust 1977, Doncaster South

Appy & Pet

Appy & Pet from Life For Cats Welfare, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatAppy and Pet have a wonderful new home thanks to Cat Chat and all your hard work. Appy and Pet are young adult Brown Spotted Savannahs that are happy living together and for Pet’s sake needed to be rehomed together.  Appy is an adult male Savannah born in 2019 and very playful and friendly, especially with men/boys.  He loves to cuddle into your neck and jump on your knee. Pet is an adult female Savannah born in 2018, bonded to Appy and needs him for her confidence as she is easily frightened when on her own, although a real softie with a sweet nature. This is a bonded pair of Savannahs and as with the majority of Savannahs, they will not stay on the floor. They need to be part of your lives and will jump up on your worktop to see if they can help you with what you are doing.  Appy will take the lead and is the one that will slot into your way of life with kindness and communication, and Pet will follow his lead.  In true Savannah style they will have their mad times when they will run around your lounge or house in manic style, hoping for you to join in for playtime.  Then they calm down and love to lay in front of you and maybe see what’s on TV.

Life For Cats Welfare, Nottingham

Milky, Marco, Pebbles & Clive

Great news CPebbles, Clive, Milky & Marco from All For The Love of Paws Rescue, homed through Cat Chatat Chat: Milky (bottom left) and Marco (bottom right) are now together in their new home and so are Pebbles and Clive (top left and right). All these cats have found new homes through your site. They were siblings about 1 year old who could have been homed as any pair, and were friendly and used to being handled. They needed homes as indoor cats and have now found them.

All For The Love of Paws Rescue, West Bromwich


Simba & Lumen from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through Cat ChatSimba and Lumen were spotted on Cat Chat. They are both lovely cats and had to be homed together. Lumen (female) is about 9 years old, Simba (male) is a bit younger. Simba was more upset than Lumen as he felt his world has been turned upside down, whereas Lumen was much more relaxed. Many thanks for your support.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh

Magic & Ollie

Magic & Ollie, from Caring Animal Rescue, Stafford, homed through Cat ChatLittle cuties Magic & Ollie have been homed together after being spotted on Cat Chat. Magic (left) is one of three eight-week old boy kittens who were ready for rehoming. He is a lovely young boy but can be a little shy.  Ollie (right) is lovely & friendly, very playful & loves his food!

Caring Animal Rescue, Stafford


Tommy & Queenie from Toe Beans Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatPleased to notify you that Tommy and Queenie have found their forever home together via Cat Chat. They are a bonded pair and were looking for a loving home together, apparently needing to be rehomed due to allergies. They adore each other! Tuxedo Tom is very laid back and likes human attention - he loves to cuddle in your arms. Beautiful Queenie is a ragdoll cross - a friendly girl who loves to roll around on the floor when she's happy. Many thanks!

Toe Beans Cat Rescue, Saffron Walden

Arya & Lucy

Arya & Lucy from Bushy Tails Cat Rescue, Bushey, homed through Cat ChatThree-year-old sisters Lucy (on the right) and Arya came to us back in July 2022. The girls are very bonded, but they are very different. Arya is lovely, and she has a lot of love to give, but it’s Lucy we were worried about because she didn't trust humans - so they were a difficult combination - and we didn't want them to be adopted by someone who was just charmed/ by how beautiful these girls are. They are indoor cats who needed an understanding, experienced adopter. They have now been adopted thanks to your wonderful website. We can’t thank you enough for your help!

Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Bushey

Prince & Maisie

Prince & Maisie, from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh, homed through Cat ChatPrince & Maisie are now homed after being spotted on our Cat Chat page :) Prince is a five year old male and Maisie is a four year old female. They are very snuggly but sometimes very shy, especially when exposed to loud noises. Prince and Maisie are housecats and must be homed together. Maisie has never been on her own and Prince seems quite protective of her.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh

Kaya & Dave

Kaya & Dave, from Furry Tails Feline Welfare, Blackpool, homed through Cat ChatGreat news! Siblings Kaya and Dave have been homed via Cat Chat. Pretty Kaya (left) is a seven year old Russian Blue cat who came in with Dave. She is very quiet but once she gets used to you she will happily sit on your knee for cuddles and strokes. Handsome Dave (right) is six years old and as you can see he is a big boy but he's very gentle and he does like his food. He is a Russian Blue so he needed a home where they understand the breed and keep him in as he’s never been outside.

Furry Tails Feline Welfare, Blackpool


Dink & Frisk from Cat Squad South EssexThrough the Overlooked Cats page Dink and Frisk now have a lovely and the most perfect home…..Thank you again.  Dink (left) and Frisk were looking for a home together; being mother & daughter, they are very close and couldn't bear to be separated. Their previous owner handed them in after moving to somewhere where they weren't wanted. They were hoping to find a home with a garden that they could explore once settled in, without dogs or other cats or children. They definitely did not want to live with dogs and  weren't really sure about other cats or children either, so a home where it was just them would be best. These fabulous felines have now found it!

Cat Squad South East, Southend


Pixie & Trixie from Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, homed through Cat ChatJust to let you know that we have rehomed sisters Pixie (left) and Trixie after they were seen on Cat Chat. They've gone to a lovely couple. Thank you!

Ann and Bill's Cat and Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch


Great news - Robbie (left) and Pebbles (right) have now got a new home together after being spotted on Cat Chat Overlooked Cats listing. They came into rescue when, sadly, their owner had gone into long-term care and their world was turned upside down. They are very loving once they get to know you. Thanks so much for giving them the best chance possible to find a new home.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Prin (left) and Smudge (right) have now gone to their new home after being spotted on our Cat Chat page - many thanks. They are both loving neutered male cats who like company and wanted a knee to sit on: ideal housecats. They both have a lovely temperament and at 7 years old, it was thought they'd probably suit an older couple. They were not to be rehomed near a main road as when they were in their last house they tended to go on the roads.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


JoJo & Milo from Cat and Kitten Rescue, homed through Cat ChatJojo (left) and Milo were adopted through Cat Chat - thank you for putting them on Overlooked Cats. This adorable duo now have a lovely home. They are not related but they rely on each other and are very a cute pair. Jojo is about a year old and a real character and his buddy Milo is a bit older and wiser!  They have always been indoor cats and were such favourites with the rescue.

Cat and Kitten Rescue, Borehamwood


tilly-sheldon-littlepaws.jpgYoung mum Tilly (left) and son Sheldon have been homed via Cat Chat. Tilly was a very young tortie mother, still a kitten herself when she had 3 beautiful babies. She was very confused about what they were, so didn't feed them all very often, though Sheldon was her favourite from the day they were all born. Sheldon is the most sensible of the 3 kittens, a handsome white and black lad, so the natural pairing was for Tilly and Sheldon to stay together as they sleep and play together like they were siblings, not mother and son. We wanted them to be indoor only cats, as the kittens were virtually hand reared, which makes them very over confident and not scared of anything, which then can make them vulnerable. Tilly is quite a nervous girl, so we thought she would benefit from an indoor only home also. They are both friendly, playful and fussy.

Little Paws Cat Haven, Wolverhampton


Walter & Nocka from  8 Lives Cats Rescue, homed through Cat ChatWalter (black & white) and Nocka (black) were rehomed through Cat Chat. They arrived in rescue the same weekend, from different local towns. They'd both been found straying and living rough for a while, and each had their own sad tale. Poor little Nocka (named by her Polish finder .. it means "little night") was only about 6 months old and was heavily pregnant. Sadly her kittens didn't survive and Nocka was poorly too following the birth. Walter had fared a little better. He'd befriended some neighbours who set up a little tent for him in their garden and fed him until they were able to get him into rescue. One morning, after Nocka had lost her babies and Walter had been neutered, they accidentally met on the landing between their bedrooms.They very quickly made friends. They've been there for each other, played together and groomed each other.  They've now found a forever home together. Nocka is a little shy when she first meets someone, but quite quickly becomes a little snuggle bug, frequently coming for cuddles. Walter is a little more reserved but enjoys gentle head bumps and reaches out for your arm to give him attention.They're settling very happily in their new home. Thank you so much for your help with finding lovely adopters.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield

Bertie & Teddy

Bertie and Teddy are 4 month old brothers. They are sweet and gentle natured, and love to play. They have been rehomed together, thanks to the adopters spotting them on CatChat. Thank you for all your help.

All Cats Rescue, Southampton



Princess & Tinkerbelle

PTinkerbelle and Princess from Little Paws Cat Haven, homed through Cat Chatrincess (right) and Tinkerbelle (left) are 8 year old sisters who were living, much loved, in a high-rise flat. Sadly their owner had to go into a care home, so they came into rescue. They were frightened at first in the unfamiliar environment of their foster home, seeing and hearing cars outside and with the ground so close, but calmed down - Princess more quickly than Tinkerbelle. They are lovely girls, very close, and have now found a new home together via CatChat. Thank you so much.

Little Paws Cat Haven, Wolverhampton

Pinky & Perky, and Tess & Mabel

Pinky & Perky, and Tess & Mabel, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatPinky & Perky have been rehomed together, also Mabel & Tess have been homed as a pair! Pinky & Perky's owners moved, and left them in the house for 2 months with someone just pushing food through the letterbox!  When an eviction notice went on the property, visits stopped, so they were 2 weeks without food or water. We assume they were drinking from the toilet! They were the most loving pair you could find. Typical lap cats with so much affection to give and always together. Terrible Tess was a lovely girl but needed an experienced owner. Suitable with older children but not youngsters as she could nip a bit!  She played a bit rough. Mabel had always been a house cat, but she would adapt to going outside once she had established herself in a new home. She was a lovely cat that liked company. Thank you.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Mia & Rosie

These two stunning ladies, Bengals, have been homed together via Cat Chat.  Mia and Rosie are beautiful friendly girls. Mia is 13 and Rosie is 12. They've always been indoor only cats and have now found a secure home with plenty of space for them to explore.

Toe Beans Cat Rescue, Saffron Walden

Mischief & Shadow

Mischief & Shadow, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatSiblings Mischief and Shadow have gone to a lovely home having been seen on Cat Chat. They had a lovely home, until their owner decided to move.  She went into rented accommodation.  We looked after the siblings for several months, while the owner looked for accommodation that would allow the cats as well, but it did not happen. Thank you so much for this site, we would not home so many cats without you.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Benjie & Tony

Benjie & Tony from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through Cat ChatBenjie (left) & Tony (right) are two 6 month old boys, homed together via Cat Chat. Tony is the more confident and super cuddly. Benjie will stand back a bit but is super friendly too. They are both lovely lads.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh

Casper & Romeo

Casper & Romeo from WHinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through Cat Chat14 month old Casper (left) and 8 month old Romeo (right) have been homed via Cat Chat. Casper can be a bit shy to start with but Romeo is happy to come and say hello. Casper and Romeo play together and sleep together and had formed a very strong bond and so were homed as a pair.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh

Nicolas & Nigel Jr

Nicolas & Nigel Jr, from Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch, homed through Cat ChatWe have rehomed these two cats with the help of Cat Chat. They were two brothers, Nigel jr and Nicolas. Dad and daughter came for one and took the two brothers - Nicolas, who loved fuss, though a bit shy at first, and Nigel Jr, also gentle and liked fuss. Thank you.

Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch

Cleo & Luna

Beautiful girls mummy cat Cleo (left) and daughter Luna (right) have been adopted and are now living together in a wonderful rural home. They came into rescue from a loving home but their owners' circumstances sadly changed. They have lived with their new family for over a month now and have settled in really well. We are so pleased for these special sweet-natured girls. Cleo and Luna were homed via Cat Chat - thank you.

Burton-upon-Stather Cat Rescue, near Scunthorpe

Lulu & Lola

Lulu & Lola, from Barnsley Animal Rescue, Barnsley, homed through Cat ChatLulu and Lola were homed via Cat Chat! This gorgeous pair of sisters were looking for a home together. Lulu and Lola were extremely affectionate girls who would make lovely additions to any family.

Barnsley Animal Rescue, Barnsley

Crash & Bruno

Crash & Bruno, from Little Paws Cat Haven, Wolverhampton, homed through Cat ChatThese lovely boys were homed together via Cat Chat. Gorgeous little ginger baby, Crash Bandicoot, came in to us as he was being sold too young to leave his mum, so a lady bought him to stop him going in to the wrong hands, but her cat hated him, so he came to us. Bruno, who was found abandoned in a cat basket at a vets, was also waiting for his forever family, and kept crying and trying to get in to meet Crash, and Crash was crying back to Bruno!  When the boys met, it was love at first sight. Bruno washed and played endlessly with Crash, before falling asleep cuddling him, they became inseparable foster brothers.

Little Paws Cat Haven, Wolverhampton

Solly & Hilde

Solly & Hilde, from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatI’m delighted to let you know that I'm just home from taking young man Solly (white/tabby) and little sister Hilde (black) to a fabulous new home.  These youngsters were spotted on Cat Chat a few weeks ago but waited a little while to go to their new home until Hilde had been spayed. They're settling in really well already.  Thank you so much for your help in finding them the purrfect home.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield

Elena & Zelda

Elena & Zelda, from Precious Paws Cat Rescue York, York, homed through CatChatThanks to Cat Chat, Elena and Zelda now have a new home. Thanks so much for your help.

Precious Paws Cat Rescue York, York

Ash & Inky

Ash & Inky, from Little Cottage Rescue, Luton, homed through Cat ChatFather and son joined at the hip have been rehomed through Cat Chat, in collaboration with Animal Action Rescue. Ash (3) and Inky (2) were father and son, like peas in a pod. They were good-size, chunky boys who very much enjoyed being together. Slightly apprehensive at first, this beautiful pair were really affectionate once they knew you. If you bent down to chat to them, they both head-butted you enthusiastically to get more attention.

Little Cottage Rescue, Luton

Freddie & Ginger

Freddie & Ginger, from Cat Supporters South Wales, Cardiff, homed through CatChatFreddie and Ginger were rehomed through CatChat. Ginger and Freddie are two friendly boys of 11 years of age. They both love a fuss and to cuddle up next to you or on your lap. They are both playful and they both enjoy some outdoor access with their humans though they are nervous of going out on their own - this is because they were both previously stray and lived outdoors through at least one winter.

Cat Supporters South Wales, Cardiff

Mop & Bucket

Mop & Bucket, from Cat Watch Rescue Shelter, Amesbury, homed through Cat ChatSemi-ferals Mop & Bucket were homed after being spotted on Cat Chat. Mop was 6 months old and Bucket 9 months old. They were looking for a nice farm where they could live their best life, and where they would be looked after. They were found together and were very bonded, so we couldn't let one leave without the other!

Cat Watch Rescue Shelter, Amesbury

The Brothers

The Brothers, from Caring Animal Rescue, Stafford, homed through Cat ChatThe Brothers have been homed via Cat Chat. The 5 month olds were looking for a loving home together due to an allergy in the family. So beautiful, very friendly and good with children; they will make beautiful family pets. 

Caring Animal Rescue, Stafford

Maxwell & Wolfie

Maxwell & Wolfie, from Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Totnes, homed through Cat ChatMaxwell (left) and Wolfie (right) have been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat. Maxwell was about 2-3 years old, loved company and chasing string. He had a really tough life living on the streets before Mitzi’s found him. He was covered in fleas, underweight, his paws were all scabbed over from walking on hot pavement, he hurt all over and most of all was very scared. Wolfie's foster mum described him as the 'perfect cat'. His favourite place was a loving lap, his favourite activity (accompanied by purring) was snuggling up to a kind person. He came as a stray to foster mum Sally. Within a day he was on Sally's lap and exercising his beautiful purring vocals. On day two he was pretending to be a scarf as he climbed on Sally's neighbour's shoulders for a snuggle. Purring vocals well tuned!

Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Totnes

Bill & Ben

Bill & Ben, from Thank you so much for adding Bill and Ben to the overlooked cats, they have now found a forever home after being spotted on CatChat!  Cat Action Trust 1977 - Doncaster South, Doncaster, homed through CatChatThank you so much for adding Bill and Ben to the overlooked cats, they have now found a forever home after being spotted on Cat Chat!

Cat Action Trust 1977 - Doncaster South, Doncaster

Sally & Sid

Sally & Sid, from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatJust to let you know that Sally (left) & Sid (right) went off to their new home after having been spotted on Cat Chat. They were dumped with their mum Sybil on someone's doorstep late one night, all pushed together into one carrier along with another adult cat.  It must have been traumatic for all of them, though these two responded differently to it. Little Sally was at the front of the carrier, curious about whatever she could see. Sid, on the other hand, was hiding so far back in there that we didn't realise we'd got him until hours later!  Many thanks as ever for the amazing resource that you provide.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield

Lily & Belle

Lily & Belle, fro, Toe Beans Cat Rescue, Saffron Walden, homed through CatChatLily and Belle have been homed via Cat Chat - many thanks. Lily is a stunning 5 year old Tabby and Belle, whilst initially a bit shy, is an absolute sweatheart.

Toe Beans Cat Rescue, Saffron Walden

Firefox & Jupiter

Firefox & Jupiter, from Cat Watch Rescue Shelter, Amesbury, homed through CatChatFirefox and Jupiter were rehomed due to being seen on Cat Chat! This amazing pair of cuties are 6 months old and are just so sweet.

Cat Watch Rescue Shelter, Amesbury

Belle & Bungo

Belle & Bungo, from Furballs Rescue, Camberley, homed through Cat ChatBelle & Bungo have found their forever home after being spotted on Cat Chat. A little note from their new dads: “Bungo and Belle are becoming more confident, though they still keep their safe distance (especially Belle).  Bungo is definitely more comfortable as he remains in the room when I am cleaning or when I am checking on them from time to time. They are also spending most their rest time on the couch as opposed to hiding on the cupboard. We play with them in the evening and reward this social time with some treats- now Bungo accepts the treats from our hand so this is another progress to note.”

Furballs Rescue, Camberley

Hewey & Dewey, and more…

Hewey & Dewey, from Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford, homed through Cat ChatHewey (left) and Dewey (right) have been homed after being spotted on Cat Chat. They were born to a feral mummy. The family was lucky to be given shelter by kind people. There have been so many others, and Cat Chat truly has been great and very, very helpful. I think easily half of our cats have found their homes through you. Thank you so much for this!

Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford

Luna & Mylo

Luna & Mylo, from Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, Bolton, homed through Cat ChatThese two lovely 14-month siblings have been adopted after being seen on our page with you. Thank you very much to you and all your colleagues for all your help and support. Luna and Mylo were looking for another loving home together due to a severe allergy in the family. Both Luna (black and white) and Mylo (tabby and white) were friendly and very affectionate, well socialised and confident, even with new people.

Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, Bolton

Lulu & Thomsk

Lulu & Thomsk, from Furballs Rescue, homed through CatChatLulu (left) and Thomsk (right) found their new home via Cat Chat. Lulu; a loving girl who is happy to be petted and loved on her terms. Thomsk was a big lad who, developing a lovely calm and tolerant nature.

Furballs Rescue, Camberley

Bae & Bigsby

Bae & Bigsby, from 8 Lives Cat Rescue Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatWe’re delighted to let you know that Bae & Bigsby went to a lovely new home after being spotted on Cat Chat. Bae (left) & Bigsby (right) came to us when sadly their mum had to go into a hospice. They're very sweet and friendly cats. Bigsby is a big fluffy chunk who enjoys being picked up, having his tum rubbed and snuggling on a lap. Bae loves her cuddles too and likes to rub her face against you. Being mature cats they're quite calm and steady and once they've had a fuss they're happy to settle and snooze, or just watch the world go by. Thank you so much for your help as always.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield

Garfield & Stewy

Garfield & Stewy, from Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity, homed through CatChatGarfield and Stewy's new owner found them on Cat Chat. They are adorable brothers - Garfield is more confident than his brother, however both are lovely, friendly boys.

Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity, Barnsley

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