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Below are a few 'extra special' stories of cats homed after being seen on Cat Chat.
If YOU have homed a cat with Cat Chat’s help, we'd love to know! If you have adopted a cat after seeing them on Cat Chat, or shelters who have re-homed a cat with Cat Chat's help, please email us as follows (with a photo if possible): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they could star on our "Roll of Honour"!

Harry & Louis

Harry & Louis from All Animal Rescue, Southampton, homed through Cat ChatThanks to you wonderful people, the lovely Harry (left) and Louis, 3 months old when adopted, have gone to their new home. They came in to the rescue with their 2 siblings after being found dumped in a box, sick and fighting for their lives. Sadly their sister passed away on arrival and the boys, anaemic from parasites, had a rollercoaster of a ride to health. They are now healthy, the only lasting sign of their trauma being a sensitive tummy, so they need a high quality diet. Harry and Louis are both confident characters who love to play. 

All Animal Rescue, Southampton


Beau, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatGreat news: Beau the deaf cat that has been with us for so long has now been homed via Cat Chat.  How can anyone resist those crystal blue eyes?  Unfortunately Beau was completely deaf so he needed that very special home where he had to adapt to hand signals.  He was young, playful and had lots of energy, but also loved comfort and deserved another chance.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Ginge, from Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, Bolton, homed through CatChatOur dear old man, Ginge who is around 17, has been adopted! This was as a result of being seen on Cat Chat. The odds for us finding him a suitable home weren't really in his favour because of his age, and as he also had kidney disease. However, his new owner is experienced with cats with various health conditions and just wanted to give an older cat the very best life possible for however long this turns out to be. His home is a very beautiful one, with two resident hens. He's seen them through windows so far! This dear old boy is pretty laid back and may not bother with them once he's weighed them up. I hope to hear more about this in time. He is a very quietly natured old man, with simple needs, namely food (renal), loads of strokes and cuddles, lots of company and very likely a knee to curl up on as often as one is available. They all deserve the best of everything of course but knowing this beautiful old man is going to be pampered for the rest of his life, after all the neglect he endured and living outside for a long time, is really fantastic and brings tears to my eyes. Huge thanks to everyone at Cat Chat, again, for the service you offer to all of us, definitely this small rescue. Thank you very much for all your help and support.

Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, Bolton


Wanda, from Lulubells Rescue, Enfield, homed through Cat ChatHi, I wanted to share a recent homing success story we have had through your platform: Wanda, a beautiful calico cat, was abandoned by her family when they moved away and left her behind. The kind neighbours looked after her, fed her and made sure she had shelter from the cold and rain but she became untrusting of any other humans and was nervous and scared. We received a call late one evening explaining that Wanda had just given birth outside to 4 kittens and they were really concerned for her. Our volunteers attended immediately but sadly one of the kittens had already passed away. Wanda was taken to a fantastic foster home where she had her own room away from anyone else, a warm bed and plenty of food to build up her strength and help her feed her nursing kittens. Unfortunately another one of her kittens passed overnight and we could see Wanda was incredibly sad. Wanda and her remaining two kittens continued to grow and thrive, her babies were soon adopted into a fantastic furever home but Wanda remained. She was nervous and spent most of her time hiding but the fosterer was patient and Wanda has now found her furever home where she will at last be pampered and cared for.

Lulubells Rescue, Enfield

Pablo & Jake

Pablo & Jake, from North Notts Cat Rescue, Nottingham, homed through CatChatPablo and Jake were homed through CatChat. Thank you! Pablo had been straying for quite some time, being fed by a kind lady. This boy came into the rescue in quite a sorry state. Following castration, dematt, worm treatment, flea and eye cream, Pablo is a transformed boy. Jake came into the rescue having been left behind like so many of our cats. We cannot understand this as he is the most loving, laid back chap you could wish for.

North Notts Cat Rescue, Nottingham


Zeus, from Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford, homed through CatChatHello! Zeus has been adopted. Two year old Zeus is a very friendly and cuddly cat who had been living in the garden of a kind lady for months. He was a former pet; unwanted and abandoned. He’s very charming and gentle, and despite of the sad circumstances, he’s remained positive, playful and appreciative of the kindness and care he’s received.

Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford


Jaffa, from Cats Protection Farnham Camberley & Districts, Farnham, homed through Cat ChatBeautiful Jaffa was homed via Cat Chat. She was a very special girl, needing a very special home. She had Cerebellar Hypoplasia (wobbly cat syndrome) so she needed an indoor home to keep her safe. She was a very loving affectionate cat, who loved a fuss and being brushed.

Cats Protection Farnham Camberley & Districts, Farnham


Charlotte, from Independent Cat Rescue, Manchester, homed through Cat ChatCharlotte has been homed through Cat Chat. At only 12 to18 months old, she came into rescue after being dumped on a field in Harpurhey. She was filthy and skinny and had tremors which we were concerned about. She improved massively while in care, her tremors were no longer as bad but they were still present as she was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, also known as wobbly cat syndrome. She was also completely deaf. Thank you so much for all your help.

Independent Cat Rescue, Manchester


Marvin, from  Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford, homed through Cat ChatMarvin was spotted on Cat Chat. He came to us as a stray. He was in a terrible state - filthy, skinny and had a huge abscess. He was a lovely boy and loved his food and a cuddle on his terms! 

Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford


Denzil, from Cat Action Trust 77, Doncaster South, homed through Cat ChatDenzil was a stray with a serious heart condition - hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This means the walls of his heart are thickened and his heart finds it more difficult to work properly. This can be a severely life limiting condition. Lovely Denzil was rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat. His condition will continue to be looked after by our vet and this will be funded by us.

Cat Action Trust 77, Doncaster South


Spock, from I'm pleased to let you know that Spock left for his new home. His enquiry came from a lady who'd seen him on CatChat. Spock is a cat who weighed in at 9kgs (17lbs) when he first came in, having lived for entire 8 years in a 2nd floor flat. He had a problem with his patella due to being overweight and having had no exercise. He had never been outside or seen a garden. His new home in Dorking has a wonderful garden, and I'm hoping that when the weather is warmer he may venture outside.  CP - Crawley, Reigate & District, Crawley, homed through CatChatI'm pleased to let you know that Spock has left for his new home. His enquiry came from a lady who'd seen him on Cat Chat. Spock is a cat who weighed in at 9kgs (17lbs) when he first came in, having lived his entire 8 years in a 2nd floor flat. He had a problem with his patella due to being overweight and having had no exercise. He had never been outside or seen a garden. His new home in Dorking has a wonderful garden, and I'm hoping that when the weather is warmer he may venture outside.

CP - Crawley, Reigate & District, Crawley


Solo, from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh, homed through CatChatWe are extremely happy to report that Solo has now been homed after being spotted on our Cat Chat overlooked cats listing, many thanks.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Lennox, from The Cat House Rescue, Bradford, homed through CatChatLennox was rehomed thanks to the CatChat overlooked page. He came here after he was found living as a stray. He had ear mites so bad, they itched so much and he ended up scratching his ears raw. On top of all that he had cat flu too. We took him to the vets and treated his ears and made him all better again.

The Cat House Rescue, Bradford

Jessie, Mirabel, Phoebe and more…

Jessie, Mirabel, Phoebe and more… , from BBJ Cat Rescue (working with North Notts Cat Rescue, NottinghamThis gorgeous trio, as well as another eight lovely cats, have been rehomed thanks to Cat Chat. Jessie (left) was a kitten bought on a whim and then discarded onto the streets. Despite this, Jessie was the most beautiful friendly lap cat you could wish for. Mirabel (middle) was handed in by her owners as no longer wanted. We cannot understand how people can discard their pets without a second thought. Beautiful Phoebe (right) was obviously someone's loved pet until they became bored. Thrown out into the streets, Phoebe soon became pregnant and produced two beautiful babies who have since been homed.

BJ Cat Rescue (working with North Notts Cat Rescue), Nottingham


Rolly, from All Animal Rescue, Southampton, homed through CatChatThanks to CatChat, Rolly was rehomed. Rolly came in to the rescue as a stray in a very poor matted and emaciated state. After a lot of investigation work we found out that his owners had moved away and left him behind 7 years ago when he was just two years old! For 7 years Rolly lived the life of a semi feral male cat, fighting for food and the ladies. He managed to find many homes that would feed him, however this was good and bad, as many of them (thinking they were helping) would flea treat and worm him, this meant the poor boy was massively overdosed for over 7 years! When he arrived at the rescue he was in a lot of pain, his coat was extremely matted, his organs hurt from the overdosing and his mouth was badly in need of a good dental. With a lot of TLC from the rescue Rolly has now been given a clean bill of health by the vets and with all the TLC he has remembered what it is like to a be a loved, owned cat.

All Animal Rescue, Southampton


Churchill, from Lulubells Rescue, Enfield, homed through Cat ChatChurchill was rehomed through Cat Chat. We are absolutely thrilled that this has happened, and all down to Cat Chat !!! Eight-year-old Churchill had been living on the streets for many years until he came in to the rescue, battle scarred and in pain - he was found to have a hernia and twisted bowel.

Lulubells Rescue, Enfield

Ely & Smudge

Eli & Smudge, from Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity, Yorkshire, homed through Cat ChatGreat news about Ely and Smudge, they’ve been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat! Ely (left) & Smudge (right) were adorable brother and sister. Sadly they were needing a home due to their owners moving. Ely only had 3 legs, however this didn’t cause him any problems. He was a very affectionate boy and loved human attention. Smudge was a little more nervous but soon came round for a fuss.

Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity, Yorkshire


Marcus, from Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford, homed through Cat ChatSix-year old Marcus has been rehomed thanks to Cat Chat! When Marcus came into our care, he looked like a skeleton in a fluffy coat. He had a body of an elderly cat, which didn't match his young white teeth. He was unneutered and not microchipped, and most likely dumped by an owner. He had no clue how to source out food, and due to his long coat, his ribcage wasn't visible unless he'd been touched. He would have starved to death. He was friendly and very cute, not demanding and he knew how to entertain himself. He slept through the night, wan't destructive and he liked to hang out in the living room with humans and resident cats. Thank you for your invaluable help!

Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford


Polly, from Canny Cats, Newcastle, homed through Cat ChatA lovely happy ending for young mum Polly: Little Polly was rescued by Canny Cats in Newcastle from a railway embankment with her three kittens. She was dirty and had wounds on her face. At only a year old she was still a kitten herself when she gave birth. The rescue said: "She was extremely scared and hid away in her box for the first couple of weeks. Slowly she has come to trust us and although still very nervous, she likes to be fussed and to sit on knees. She can also be quite talkative." The great news is that Polly has now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Canny Cats, Newcastle


Barty, from Thanet Cat Club, Broadstairs, homed through Cat ChatGorgeous Barty needed an extra special home for his twilight years, as he had just been diagnosed as diabetic He is an extremely friendly boy who loves company and being fussed and enjoys the occasional play with catnip toys. We are very pleased to say Barty is now in a wonderful new home after being seen on Cat Chat. Thank you for everything you do!

Update: 7 Months Later...
This is Barty aka Barty Bear chonkybutt. We adopted him after he was brought back to health by Thanet Cat Club at Broadstairs. He is 16 and a half, diabetic and adored! The 2nd photo shows him now, with his favourite things.... his favourite bit of tinsel and his tissue paper. He likes to be tucked in all snug and goes off to sleep like that! He is adored on a daily basis. Thank you for listing his details.

Thanet Cat Club, Broadstairs


Lolita, from Springfield Animal Rescue, homed through CatChatLolita is a very affectionate, friendly girl. She's very sweet and gets around very well. She loves being fussed, but panics a little when picked up which is understandable being completely blind. Lolita was rehomed through Cat Chat, thanks so much, she has a perfect home!

Springfield Animal Rescue, Chelmsford


Glen, from CP - Stranraer & District, homed through CatChatYou kindly added Glen (who was found with gun pellets in him) to your overlooked cats page and within a few days he was spotted on that page by someone who had recently lost their cat and was not going to replace it. But after seeing Glen's appeal on overlooked cats, they couldn't resist him. This has secured him the home we've been waiting for, for so long. So many thanks for promoting his plight on overlooked cats!

CP - Stranraer & District, Stranraer

Helga (now Hans!)

Helga, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, homed through CatChatI have some fantastic news, Cat Chat has found our very sad and confused blind Helga (who turned out to be Hans!), a lovely home with a couple who wanted to adopt a disabled cat. He has settled in straight away.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

Alfie & Ollie

Alfie & Ollie, from Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, homed through CatChatAlfie (left) and Ollie (right) have been adopted! This is as a result of them being seen on your 20 for 20 campaign. I am overjoyed for these beautiful, 'quirky' boys of course; I love them so much and I know their new owners will do the same and give them a fabulous, loving home at last. HUGE thanks to Cat Chat for all your support and amazing help.

Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, Bolton


Jasper, from Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, homed through CatChatJasper is now with a wonderful young lady who appears to understand him. She accepts that he is really a feral cat. I have taken in other feral cats, not the wisest move but heads and hearts don't always agree, and those I have now are scared yes, but nothing like as much as Jasper has been, and they have all made more progress than he had. I feel that, fingers crossed, he now has the chance of the kind of life that really suits his needs. Where he is now, his surroundings seem ideal. Jasper was seen on Cat Chat again and it is this that led to his second homing. Your organisation is amazing in so many ways.

Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, Bolton


Frisbee, from Springfield Animal Rescue, Chelmsford, homed through Cat ChatFrisbee is a male ginger three-legged cat aged 11 years. He’s very friendly and affectionate, and loves to be the centre of attention. Although he has lived with other cats he would prefer to be an only cat, as he likes to chase others away and can go pretty fast on those three legs! Frisbee has now been homed via Cat Chat.

Springfield Animal Rescue, Chelmsford

Millie & Domino

Millie & Domino, from CRG Animal Rescue, Leicester, homed through Cat ChatMillie and Domino have had such a rough start, they came to us so sick and had the best medical treatment by our hardworking vets. Millie has gone from being incredibly timid (she nestled up on our curtain pole for a couple of hours when she first arrived) to now eating out of our hands... only when she decides it’s ok and after she’s given us a good sniff though! Domino is the smallest of Millie’s kittens and was incredibly poorly when she first arrived with us. She has had several courses of antibiotics and eye drops but unfortunately has lost sight in her left eye. Domino is definitely a mummy’s girl, she always curls up with her to sleep, they always eat and play together. They have now found a loving home after the new owners saw our post for them on Cat Chat. This is fabulous news for mum and daughter that they can stay together, especially with Domino only having full sight in one eye. Thank you!

CRG Animal Rescue, Leicester


Linguini, from Springfield Rescue, Chelmsford, homed through Cat ChatLinguini is nine years old, very friendly and loves company. He is deaf and has some neurological damage which doesn’t cause him any problems apart from he is slightly clumsy. He used to sleep under the duvet with his owner but sadly she is terminally ill so he needs a new home. He really misses human company. Linguini has now been homed through Cat Chat! Thank you so much.

Springfield Animal Rescue, Chelmsford


Marshmallow, from Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford, homed through Cat ChatBig puss Marshmallow had been trapped in April. Bleeding, bruised and with a broken tooth and an injured paw and tail, he desperately needed help, but being feral, catching him wasn't easy. Like other ferals, he was very good with other cats and quickly became ‘one of the pack’, which helped us with socialising him. Fast forward three months, he now eats with the others and he is able to take naps belly up in the presence of humans. He has now been rehomed via Cat Chat. Thank you so much!

Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford

Vinnie & Monty

Vinnie & Monty, from Cats Guidance Rescue, homed through CatChat'The boys' have had an extremely rough start. They were part of a family of six cats who were dumped in a park. All surviving with an inch of their lives, riddled with flea anaemia, severly dehydrated with worms and bad stomachs, trying to hunt for what little food that they could find. They were brought back to health, and were homed through you - thank you.

Cats Guidance Rescue, Wigan


Willow, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatWillow came to us because her owner died. It is such a shame the rest of the family wouldn't take her. She only has one eye, but copes very well, and is still a very pretty cat. A lovely girl deserving a lovely home. She has now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat. Thank you so much.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Misha, from Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford, homed through Cat ChatFour-year-old Misha was in an emergency foster care and on antidepressants, narrowly escaping euthanasia after losing her will to live. When we collected Misha, she was so aggressive that she was bouncing off the walls, biting and scratching. In three years Misha had to move four times, with frequent boarding when the owner travelled. Misha was also locked away and left alone due to the pending arrival of a baby. Misha was a severely traumatised cat who hated humans. She barely ate for a month, and spent her days growling, trembling and crying. Thanks to our Cat Chat page, Misha has found a fantastic forever home. She's already not aggressive anymore and has started coming closer for cuddles. The adopter is amazing and she was looking for a difficult cat. Many thanks for all you do, this is huge help!

Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford

Daisy, Alfie & Poppy

Daisy, Alfie & Poppy, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatDaisy (left) had a wonderful life with an elderly lady, who sadly had to give up her home and go into care. It is a sad situation when the rest of the family will not take on the family pet. She is a quiet girl and could not understand why her owner had given her up. Her owner was also distraught to give her up, she had been loved so much and needed this again. Poor Alfie (middle) decided to go out one day but got lost. He found an older gentleman who started to feed him, so he moved in. Alfie was very settled here and enjoyed his new life for about a year. Sadly his new companion had to go into a care home, as a result Alfie came into rescue. When he arrived, we scanned him to find he had a microchip. We contacted the previous owner, but sadly they got another cat to replace him and did not want him back. Poppy (right) with her daughters and owner were evicted from their property. They spent a few nights sleeping in the car with their owner. But we managed to get all the cat family into care. All three have been spotted on Cat Chat and have now been rehomed. Thank you for this site.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Benjen, from Stray Cat Rescue, Toddington, Beds, homed through Cat ChatTwo years ago I saw a beautiful Burmese brown cat on your website. We made contact with Stray Cat Rescue in Toddington but when we visited he wasn’t at all friendly. However, I could see how unhappy and nervous he was. In spite of this he chose us - my heart was taken there and then. We live in a quiet country village with a secluded garden, no children, and a local church nearby. He has settled beautifully! His name is Benjen and I take him for a walk every afternoon. He follows me all the way, apart from jumping around in the long grass in the church yard. Thank you for the amazing work you do.

Carol and Stray Cat Rescue, Toddington, Beds

KitKat & Marble and Milo & Thomas

KitKat & Marble and Milo & Thomas, from Little Cottage Rescue, Luton, homed through Cat ChatMarble is a four year old tortie and white feathery-coated mum and KitKat is her two year old short coated, tortie and white daughter. These girls are very shy owing to experiences in their past ownerships and did not like other cats, dogs or small children. Having been kept in a small bathroom for most of their lives, 14-month-old brothers Milo & Thomas needed a very quiet, understanding home. All four were homed just in time before lockdown via Cat Chat.

Little Cottage Rescue, Luton


Howard, from Eight Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatTwelve-year-old tabby Howard came into rescue about a year ago. People who lived nearby reckoned he'd been living rough for many years, however he came to our attention because he had a nasty abscess on his foot. That was easily resolved with antibiotics and a bit of tlc. Sadly as it turned out, a poorly foot was the least of his problems and Howard was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease and anaemia. We're beyond delighted to let you know that Howard has found the most lovely foster home after being spotted on Cat Chat. As I hope you can see from the attached photo, he's settling in really well, and looking rather smug. Thank you so much for your help with this ... it’s going to make a huge difference to his life and managing his health conditions.

Eight Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield

Tizzy, Rigsby, Rusty & More

Adina, Rigsby, Rusty, Tizzy, Flint and brother, from A5 Grendon Cat Shelter, homed through Cat ChatTizzy (left) is looking for a comfy lap; she has just lost her Mum and is in need of lots of love. Rigsby (centre) came in to us in the summer. He had a fractured pelvis. He was very good while he had to do cage rest. And he has healed as much as he is going to. Rusty (right) is an older boy. Loves to sit on a lap. Rusty, Adina, Rigsby, Tizzy, Flint and his brother. Homed thanks to Cat Chat.

A5 Grendon Cat Shelter, Atherstone


Olive, from Cat Action Trust 77, Doncaster, homed through Cat ChatLittle Olive came into care after being found in a critical condition behind a shed on one of the hottest days of the summer. We didn’t expect her to recover, but she proved to be a little fighter and is now fit and well. Olive has found a new home thanks to Cat Chat.

Cat Action Trust 77, Doncaster


Bri, from Thanet Cat Club, Broadstairs, homed through Cat ChatLovely Bri needed a quiet home where she could live comfortably on floor level due to her having had a trauma to her back. We are extremely happy to report that Bri has now been given her forever home after being spotted on Cat Chat. As always, we are very grateful for the help given to us.

Thanet Cat Club, Broadstairs

Bonnie, Tommy & Ginge

Bonnie, Tommy & Ginge, from Maesteg Animal Welfare  Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatBonnie (left) has had such a hard life. She came from a household of many pets and RSPCA involvement. She escaped but was found hiding heavily pregnant in a nearby garden. She had 5 kittens all black and white. She is 6 years old so has probably endured many births. She has put on a lot of weight now, she has become very trusting and friendly and has had time to get over feeding 5 kittens. Tommy (middle) is small for his age. His owners moved but did not take him with them. He prefers to be indoors, possibly because he was left out all the time. Poor Ginge (right) came from a difficult home. We have no idea what sort of a life she has had, except she has had lots of kittens. She was not in a good state when she came in and heavily pregnant. Sadly 2 of her kittens died as she was very emaciated when she came in. One of the kittens survived but mum. All three cats have now found their forever homes thanks to Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Buddy, from Team Cat Rescue, Birmingham, homed through Cat ChatBuddy was a big, beautiful and affectionate young fellow in search of a place in someone’s heart and home. He was rehomed after appearing on the Cat Chat Overlooked page - but boy, he's not overlooked any more! He has a great new Mom, and was on her lap within the day! Buddy's fosterer, says "I don't think he'd ever been on my lap. And within 2 days of being adopted, he was sporting a collar too! We miss him and still love him, but a forever home is always the best outcome".

Team Cat Rescue, Birmingham

Winston & Simba

Winston & Simba, from Maesteg Animal Welfare  Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatWinston, black and white and Simba the tabby and white are totally inseparable. They were advertised on Facebook as the owner was fed up of having cats!!! Before anyone could intercept them, a member of the public took them in as they had lost their cat. We all hoped they went to a family home. Within one week we were then contacted to see if we would take the cats in because their cat had now returned home!! So not so much love given to them. They were very nervous when they came in as within one week they had been passed around not knowing where they were. Thanks to Cat Chat, they have now been rehomed together.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Slippy & Oscar

Slippy & Oscar, from Maesteg Animal Welfare  Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatSlippy (left) was abandoned on the slipway of the M4 motorway, hence his name. He was found in a remote spot without any houses near. He is a beautiful boy and very quiet, not the usual temperament of an unneutered tomcat. Oscar (right) - what a life and homes he has had through no fault of his own! He left us as a young kitten. Unknown to us that person passed him on to someone else despite signing a contract that all cats are to be returned to us if they can no longer keep them. His second home was not a good one as he was not being fed properly and went very thin. He visited another home where they fed him but unfortunately their cat did not like this intruder!! He came back to us and found a wonderful home with an elderly couple who adored him. Disaster again! The elderly lady had to go into a home and the gentleman was ill in hospital and unable to look after him, and the rest of the family didn't want him. Thankfully both cats have now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Mr Williams, Wilf & Keith

Mr Williams, Wilf & Keith, from Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatPoor Mr Williams (left) had been in the rescue for a while, homed and returned twice due to circumstances beyond his control and then tested positive for FIV, all seemed very bleak. However out of the blue one of our previous adopters saw him on Cat Chat and gave him a chance. He is now happily settled and enjoying life. Sweet Wilf (middle) came in with a bad neck injury that needed extensive stitching, however this didn't stop his new mum taking to him, she was looking for a companion and Wilf has taken his new job seriously. Keith (right) is another lucky boy who has found a lovely home after a while at Kirkby, his new mum looked past his battered, battle scarred body to the lovely natured boy beneath.

Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham


Georgie, from South Oxhey Animal Rescue, Watford, homed through Cat ChatGeorgie had to be given up through no fault of his own as his owner had to move to a flat. He only has 3 legs; one hind foot has no nails and the other hind foot has distorted nails. In spite of all this, he can get around very well and it doesn't stop him playing. He loves to chase a ball. He has the sleekest fur and loves cuddles and rolling over for a stroke. He is also very chatty. Georgie was spotted on Cat Chat and has now found his forever home.

South Oxhey Animal Rescue, Watford


The gorgeous Odin finally (8.5 months later) got his furever home after being spotted on our Cat Chat page. It’s third time lucky for Odin, having found his last home after being spotted on here with his wife Luna. A sudden change in family circumstances meant they came back to us. In January we sadly lost Luna, and Odin was grief stricken. We added him back on Cat Chat and then the right home came along. As you can see Odin has quickly become Lord of the Manor! 

Aylesbury Cat Rescue, Buckinghamshire

Poppy, Roonie, Kitty & Bubbles

Poppy, Roonie, Kitty & Bubbles, from RSPCA Macclesfield, South East Cheshire & Buxton, homed through Cat ChatThis is a happy ending that will really hit you right in the feels and make your week so much brighter….our family of four oldies were adopted TOGETHER! We are still pinching ourselves, we have rehomed trios on a couple of occasions but four... and such elderly cats too: 15 year old mother Poppy, with her three 13 year old boys Roonie, Kitty and Bubbles. There truly are some amazing people out there with big hearts. Here are some photos of them loving life and living out their golden years in the comforts of a loving home. They were spotted on Cat Chat.

RSPCA Macclesfield, South East Cheshire & Buxton


Eddie, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatEddie was left to fend for himself and, being a long-haired cat, his fur was seriously matted and he had to be completely shaved as he had been out so long without any grooming. He is so friendly so must have been loved at sometime. Thanks to Cat Chat, he has now been homed. Without this site I don’t think he would have been rehomed. Thank you.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Jasmine, Leonardo & Barney

Jasmine, Barney & Leo from Kathy's Cat Rescue, Merseyside, homed through Cat ChatHere are Jasmine on the left who is the Mum, and her handsome kittens, Leonardo & Barney on the right. They were originally going to be homed separately, but they really do love being together and so we were hoping someone out there would have a really big heart and room for three little furballs in their life. We are so happy that thanks to being spotted in the Overlooked Cats section of Cat Chat, this threesome now have a home together. Thank you Cat Chat.

Kathy's Cat Rescue, Merseyside


Scruffy from Lucky Cat Rescue, Lincolnshire, homed through Cat ChatWhen Scruffy was brought in he was filthy, matted, flea ridden, smelly and had a chronic diarrhoea. He's a lovely natured boy, gets on great with people and dogs but is highly aggressive towards cats. After months of work and care he was ready for a home of his own. He was spotted on Cat chat and has finally after a long wait found a wonderful new home with a gentleman who had been on his own for some time and was in need of a companion. Thank you Cat Chat!

Lucky Cat Rescue, Lincolnshire


Joey from Wonkey Pets, Northampton, homed through Cat ChatJoey came to us as part of a large rescue involving over 30 cats from the same home. Sadly they had been neglected and all have needed urgent medical attention. Joey was having trouble eating as he had a badly infected mouth full of rotten teeth. He needed lots of teeth removing but has recovered well and now enjoys food without the pain and discomfort he had experienced for so long. He was also been born with a condition called microphthalmia where one of his eyes hasn't developed properly. Joey was one of the shyer boys of the group when he arrived and it took us a while to be allowed to stroke him but he is now the sweetest lad who loves a fuss from us and will allow us to pick him up too. Thankfully he was spotted on Cat Chat and has now found a loving new home. We couldn't be happier.

Wonkey Pets, Northampton


Niska, from Cat Rescue West Wales, St Clears, homed through Cat ChatFriendly Niska was found as a stray after having had kittens in someone's garden. Niska herself isn't even a year old. On arrival into the rescue she was very skinny with discolouration to her fur. She is now eating well and her semi long fur has already started getting a lovely soft gloss to it. She has now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Cat Rescue West Wales, Whitland


Kitty, from Burton-upon Stather Cat Rescue, Scunthorpe, homed through Cat ChatSix-year-old Kitty came into rescue when her owner died. At this time she was very stressed and had started to pull out her fur. Over time she became more confident and loving and her coat once again grew thick and glossy. For several months though Kitty was overlooked until a gentleman saw her details on the Cat Chat website. Sadly his wife had recently passed away followed soon after by the loss of his dog. Having had cats in his life in the past, he decided he would like a cat as a companion and he and Kitty bonded in no time. Kitty is now living in the ideal quiet home we were looking for and is once again a happy cat living the spoilt life she deserves.

Burton-upon Stather Cat Rescue, Scunthorpe

Charlotte, Whisky & Peanut

Charlotte, Whisky & Peanut, from Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley, homed through Cat ChatA big thank you due! Charlotte (left), a lovely little girl who came in to our care after being dumped in a garden with her kittens, found a new home after being seen on our Cat Chat page. Whisky and Peanut (right), a pair of ginger boys dumped by the side of a busy A road who had to be trapped as they were so terrified, have now found their new home where they are the centre of their new owner's world. Many thanks.

Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley


Kenco, from Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley, homed through Cat ChatKenco came into our care as a stray and very pregnant ! She loves people and likes everybody but the postman, it is still a mystery as to why. She is an eating machine and would raid worktops, tables and wherever she could grab something. But having had four hungry mouths to feed for weeks, we'll forgive her. She is not much of a lap cat at the monent as she still feels the need to be keeping an eye on her very naughty kittens, but she likes a pick up cuddle and tummy rub. Only really being a bit of a baby herself and having had to fend for herself for much of the time she has not had too much of a chance to relax so far. Kenco and her babies all found their forever homes having been seen on our Cat Chat page. Huge thanks to all.

Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley

Matilda & Maisie

Matilda & Maisie, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatMatilda (left) has not had a good start in life. She had 6 kittens in a shed which did not belong to her owner, as a result she was scooted out and her kittens were about to be drowned. Someone intercepted these kittens and we bottle fed them until they were old enough to be rehomed. An advert was then put onto FB with this little cat on it as a kind person was feeding her. She was recognised as the mother of the kittens we had so we took her in. At this point we got her spayed straight away to find she was in the early stages of pregnancy again. She is a beautiful cat, very friendly and quite petite. Maisie (right) was found in a layby. We don't know whether she was dumped, wandered and lost her way or just left behind. Maisie is a tiny cat, she is so small we thought she was only about 6 months old, until we found her details on a chip. Both have now been rehomed thanks to Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Ginge & Buster

Ginge & Buster, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatPoor Ginge (left) belonged to someone who could not look after him. He is a lovely boy, very friendly and deserved better. His ex-owner never let him inside the house, but never gave him a shelter either. Buster (right) is such a lovely boy, unfortunately his mum died and he did not realise why he had been put into rescue. Both have now been rehomed thanks to Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Midnight’s kittens & Sieffer

Midnight’s kittens & Sieffer, from Ren’s Rescue, Hull, homed through Cat ChatMidnight's three kittens (left) were found on the engine block of a van as it was being driven away. Luckily the driver heard them meow! Poor Sieffer (right) has been through a very hard time. He's spent his entire life with the same family ,and with another cat called Aries. His family were forced to give up both cats and asked Ren's Rescue to take them in. They proved to be very affectionate, quiet, gentle cats, who loved to curl up next to each other. Sadly Aries died and so Sieffer has lost everyone he's known all his life. Thankfully they’ve all found new homes thanks to being seen on Cat Chat.

Ren’s Rescue, Hull

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