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Below are a selection of formerly 'long-stay' cats homed after being seen on Cat Chat.
If YOU have homed a cat with Cat Chat’s help, we'd love to know! If you have adopted a cat after seeing them on Cat Chat, or shelters who have re-homed a cat with Cat Chat's help, please email us as follows (with a photo if possible): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they could star on our "Roll of Honour"!


Bob, from Burton upon Stather Cat Rescue, Scunthorpe, homed through Cat ChatThe long wait was really worthwhile - Bob has now found his forever home in rural Lincolnshire adopted by a family besotted with him from day one.  Bob came into rescue a quiet shy boy but has since blossomed into a mischievous playful loving kitty. He had previously lived as an indoor cat but in time he will be allowed outdoors at his new home. We’re sure he will be so excited when he steps out into his new garden. Young Bob was rehomed after being seen on Cat Chat. 

Burton upon Stather Cat Rescue, Scunthorpe


Darcy from 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust, homed through Cat ChatWe are delighted to say that Darcy has found a home through Cat Chat. He was overlooked for quite a while. He is a wee bit nervous when you first meet him. But when he gets to know you he's like a sticking plaster, not leaving you and always waiting to be close to you. He can be a bit of a minx, liking to take a gentle nibble at your finger -  especially when you are trying to change the litter tray!  He is such a loving cat, though, liking snuggles & kisses but very nervous & wary of new people so his true self doesn't shine out on first meet. Now he is with a lovely lady who is giving him the time & space to settle in, something that is needed when the cats have been abused & need to learn to trust people all over again. Thank you Cat Chat, the Cat Rescue Resource, for helping us find cats a home!

7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust, Newtownabbey


After over a year in rescue sixteen year old Bubbles has found her forever home. A wonderful couple who had recently lost their elderly cat felt that they now wanted to give their time to older hard-to-home cats and spotted Bubbles on our site on Cat Chat. We’re over the moon for Bubbles. She’s such a sweetheart and a great character. Bubbles is now living in a perfect retirement home in rural Lincolnshire and we’re told that she has settled so well. We’re really so happy for her. Thank you Cat Chat.

Burton-upon-Stather Cat Rescue, near Scunthorpe


Chunky, from Springfield Animal Rescue, Chelmsford, homed through Cat ChatChunky was homed through Cat Chat. After a year he had three homing enquiries in one week! He’s got an amazing home now. Chunky was an ex feral who was looking for some home comforts in his retirement. We trapped and neutered him around 10 years ago, and when we released him he ended up living under a bush where he was fed by an old lady.  Over the years he had become really friendly so we thought it would be nice to find him a proper home after all this time living rough. We tried him in a foster home and sure enough he loved the warmth and the attention and company of people.  

Springfield Animal Rescue, Chelmsford


Sooty, from Furballs Rescue, Camberley, homed through Cat ChatAfter a year of being overlooked in rescue, Sooty left for her new home due to being seen on Cat Chat!  She was a little unsure to start, but within 24 hrs we had a photo of her sprawled out on her new mum’s lap 😮 She was an independent older lady who suited a calm adult-only home. Miss Sooty was a lovely girl but because of a bad experience in life had trust issues.

Furballs Rescue, Camberley


Frank, from Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity, Barnsley, homed through Cat ChatFrank has finally been homed via Cat Chat. He has been waiting so long, having been overlooked for over a year! He arrived in our care due to his owner’s ill health. Frank was a confident boy, he liked to explore everything and enjoyed a fuss as well as having his own space. Many thanks for your continued support.

Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity, Barnsley


Tinker, from Cat Action Trust 1977 - Doncaster South, Doncaster, homed through CatChatJust to let you know that lovely Tinker has gone off to her furever home this weekend after over 18 months in foster care, and that’s thanks to her being spotted on CatChat!

Cat Action Trust 1977 - Doncaster South, Doncaster


Daisy, from National Animal Trust, Leicester, homed through CatChatJust wanted to let you know that, after being seen on your Overlooked Cats section, Daisy has now gone to her new home. We are so pleased for her as she had been with us for many months and, although she was in one of our foster homes, it's still lovely to see her go to her new family. Many thanks for your help.

The National Animal Trust, Leicester


Lucy, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatFriendly tuxedo girl Lucy has been rehomed via Cat Chat, she had been with us for sometime, so thankfully Cat Chat has found her a lovely home at last. She was another cat surrendered because of a family break up. Very sad for these cats when they don't realise why they have lost their home, and found themselves in a pen.  

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Binxy & Casper, and Ruby

Binxy & Casper, and Ruby, from Miracle Helping the Madness, Manchester, homed through Cat ChatThe following were homed due to being seen on Cat Chat and would just like to say a massive thank you. Binxy & Casper (left) came into care as kittens. Many people were interested in Casper but Binxy got overlooked massively which we assumed was due to the stigma that comes with black cats. Ruby (right) had been in care for over a year. She was the sweetest kitty ever, with the most goofiness we had ever seen! But no matter how gorgeous, how affectionate or just her funny quirks such as chasing her tail, she just got overlooked till she was seen on Cat Chat. A long wait but for the right person. 

Miracle Helping the Madness, Manchester


Piper, from Guardian Angels Animal Support, Hounslow, homed through CatChatPiper was finally rehomed through CatChat. Thank you so much for thinking of all the cats in each and every rescue.

Guardian Angels Animal Support, Hounslow


Lady, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through CatChatJust to let you know that lovely Lady has been homed via Cat Chat. She had been with us for a long time, but thanks to Cat Chat she has finally found a home. Thank you.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Bobby, from  Cat Action Trust 77, Leeds, homed through Cat ChatJust letting you know that Bobby, who was with us for quite some time, has now found and settled into a new home.  His new owners saw him on Cat Chat Overlooked Cats. Bobby was a rather dashing young chap, as we're sure you'll agree! He had come from a life on the streets but settled really well into a life filled with home comforts. He loved treats and enjoyed being stroked. Thanks again for your help in finding Bobby a home.

Cat Action Trust 77, Leeds


Lucky, from Thanet Cat Club, Broadstairs, homed through CatChatJust to let you know that Lucky was finally offered a home after being seen on Cat Chat! He is settling very well and has made himself right at home. Thank you.

Thanet Cat Club, Broadstairs

Choccie & Bramley

Choccie & Bramley, from Cat Action Trust 1977 - Leeds, Leeds, homed through CatChatI am pleased to say that Choccie and Bramley have been rehomed through Cat Chat, so thank you very much for your help. We’ve had them over 2 years so it’s lovely to know they’re going to a new home where they’re going to get spoilt rotten.

Cat Action Trust 1977 - Leeds, Leeds

Donna & Zelda

Donna & Zelda, from Rescue Kitties, Manchester, homed through CatChatThank you for adding Donna and Zelda to your overlooked cats section, I can confirm they have been rehomed via Cat Chat. Donna and Zelda are an RK feel good story. Long term residents of a colony, ill and terrified of humans. They have come so far and blossomed into lovely, healthy cats. 

Rescue Kitties, Manchester


Shelby, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, homed through CatChatIt took a while, but Shelby eventually found her new pad and person thanks to Cat Chat, she has settled in well.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham


Toby, from New Beginnings Cat Rehoming, Gateshead, homed through Cat ChatThanks to his appearance on Cat Chat, ladies man Toby has found his ideal home, with a caring lady to give him all the love he deserves. His new owner told us "Toby seems to be settling in really well and adjusting quicker than I expected! He's such a lovely cat, I don't know why it's taken so long to find someone to give him a home."

New Beginnings Cat Rehoming, Gateshead

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