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Below are a selection of nervous or shy cats happily homed after being seen on Cat Chat.
If YOU have homed a cat with Cat Chat’s help, we'd love to know! If you have adopted a cat after seeing them on Cat Chat, or shelters who have re-homed a cat with Cat Chat's help, please email us as follows (with a photo if possible): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they could star on our "Roll of Honour"!

Tilly & Missy

Tilly & Missy from CAT77 Leeds, homed through CatChatYoung adults Tilly (right) and Missy (left), have at last been rehomed through the Overlooked section. They'd been with the rescue for over 18 months and have now found a very patient and understanding home. Tilly is the beautiful tabby and white; she is timid but does enjoy a gentle stroke. Missy is the black and white one; she is a little more independent but will happily take a treat or two or three or four! They needed a special home because (apart from the fact that they are very special cats and deserve the best!) they are timid cats and will need a patient, experienced owner who will give them time to settle. Thank you so much for your help.

Cat Action Trust 77, Leeds


Fliss has found her new home via Cat Chat - thanks again. She's about 2 years old and was a little shy at first - but you would be if you'd been made to live in a shed just wanting some love and kindness! She did have another cat for company; they both had kittens at the same time.

Little Cottage Rescue, Luton



Enzo from Consett Cat Rescue, homed via Cat ChatThis cheeky little guy, at last homed through Cat Chat, was born to a feral mum and has not been easily tamed but eventually was ready for a new owner, although he’d still happily remain out of reach unless food was in the offing. But it’s expected with his new home the final steps in his socialisation programme will be successful.

Consett Cat Rescue, Consett


Denver, from Consett Cat Rescue, Consett, homed through CatChatDenver was rehomed via CatChat. He is quite a shy boy but is much better once he knows you, and certainly his siblings that have been adopted already are all very friendly cats too, so he has it in him.

Consett Cat Rescue, Consett


Lulu, from Little Cottage Rescue, Luton, homed through CatChatLulu has a new home, thanks again to Cat Chat. She was a sweet girl who loved her food and treats but could be a little shy when first meeting new people.

Little Cottage Rescue, Luton


Roxy, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatRoxy has been rehomed after being viewed on Cat Chat. She was found taped up in a box and left in a lane behind some houses.  When she came in she was traumatised, almost like a feral cat.  This is quite understandable with what she had been through.  Goodness knows what sort of a life she had. She was such a nervous girl we didn't think she would ever leave us, but because of Cat Chat she has found the perfect home with patient people. She has settled in straight away.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Jack, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through CatChatJust to let you know that Jack has been rehomed via Cat Chat. He was very shy as he had been left abandoned in a box. Jack's new owners gave him plenty of TLC - they say he is adorable and the best decision they made was to adopt him. Thank you again Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Stormy, from Feline Network Cat Rescue, Paignton, homed through Cat ChatJust to let you know Stormy has gone to her forever home, having been spotted on Cat Chat!!!! She was a dear little cat who needed time and space to come out of herself. She was very scared and would hide away when we went near her, but was very gentle and would let us stroke her without ever trying to scratch or bite.

Feline Network Cat Rescue, Paignton


Pippin, from CP - Trafford, Manchester, homed through CatChatOur Pippin; a shy but adorable eight year old boy, was first noticed by his new owner on the Cat Chat overlooked cats section. Thank you to all for everything, you are all absolutely amazing.

Cats Protection - Trafford, Manchester


Barney, from Rotherham Rescue Rangers, Rotherham, homed through CatChatBarney has found his forever home through Cat Chat, his new owner needed quite a bit of support, but it was worth it as he's a totally different cat. I do wish more people would give these timid ones a chance as the transformation they make is wonderful to see. We have found the best homes ever for our cats through your page.

Rotherham Rescue Rangers, Rotherham


Chester, from Mitzi's Kitty Corner, homed through CatChatGood news! Timid 8 year old Chester, one of our 'special needs' kitties has been homed via Cat Chat. Chester came to us as a stray and had been with us a while. He is very gentle and loving, but was quite timid at first, and we think that he had been cruelly treated in the past. He needed a quiet adult home with experienced cat lovers who would allow him time to settle. Our foster carer really brought him out of his shell and now he has a great home. Many thanks.

Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Totnes


Fluffy, from Battersea at Old Windsor, Surrey, homed through Cat ChatFluffy is a sweet and affectionate cat who loves a fuss. As soon as Fluffy sees people, he starts padding away, making it look like he is hard at work kneading some dough! Despite his worried nature, he just loves affection and will dribble and knead away in delight. Fluffy has now been rehomed. We had two people enquire about him after seeing his profile on your site, so thank you!

Battersea at Old Windsor, Surrey


Opal, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, homed through CatChatGood news, our spitting, swiping black Opal has found someone to give her a chance after being spotted on our homing page. We're delighted as we thought Opal's unfortunate temperament would mean she was in for a long stay with us, but Cat Chat came through and she's now sharing the sofa with her new mum after deciding not all people are bad, and a house is better than a pen!

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

Molly and Dolly

Molly and Dolly, from Lulubells Rescue, Enfield, homed through Cat ChatTwo semi-feral sisters found in an abandoned warehouse, Molly and Dolly were with us for over six months - we couldn’t find them a home due to them being semi-feral. They can be touched, but prefer not to be picked up. The girls love to play, they are only two years old and needed lots of love and patience, but it is so rewarding when cats who need the extra time begin to show you that they trust you. They’ve now been homed through Cat Chat and we are very, very happy!

Lulubells Rescue, Enfield


Topaz, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, homed through CatChatOur shy, frightened Topaz has found someone willing to give her a chance after being spotted on our Cat Chat homing page.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

Maggie, Monty & Matilda

Maggie, Monty & Matilda, from Cat Action Trust 1977 - Leeds, homed through CatChatMum cat, Maggie (right), and her two kittens Matilda (left) and Monty (centre) were rescued from a life on the streets and so they are timid and nervous cats. Their home was found through Cat Chat for which we are very grateful. Once again many thanks.

Cat Action Trust 1977 - Leeds, Leeds


Leah, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatThree year old beauty Leah came in as result of her mum dying. Because she was only used to her mum, she was very shy. She likes to be brushed and loves her food. Leah has now been rehomed via Cat Chat. She was picked several times but we were let down, thanks to Cat Chat she will now have a lovely home as she has been with us for some time.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Millie, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, homed through CatChatJust to let you know Millie has been rehomed via Cat Chat, she was a nervous cat, so has been with us for some time, luckily she has been spotted on Cat Chat, so hopefully she will be less shy in a home. Thank you.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Panther, from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh, homed through Cat ChatPanther is a big boy who was very frightened, so he needed someone with patience and understanding to help him combat his fear, and to help him trust people and know what it’s like to be loved and cared for. I'm pleased to be able to tell you that Panther has been homed thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat!

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Jet, from Cat Action Trust 77, Doncaster South, homed through Cat ChatJet (now renamed Stevie) came into Cat Action Trust 77’s care with nine more cats from an unpleasant situation, so was nervous at loud noises etc. We adopted him after spotting him on their Cat Chat page. He’s only been here a few days and is gradually getting braver. He let me feed him by hand last night, and literally 5 minutes after letting me stroke him, he's been rubbing up and leaning against me like I'm his favourite person! We love him already!

Emma and Cat Action Trust 77, Doncaster South


Piper, from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, homed through CatChatPiper may have been separated from her mother too soon, as she was quite clumsy with her claws and teeth. Therefore, she needed a home without young children or other pets, with an experienced cat owner who would continue the learning process.I'm delighted to let you know that I took Piper to her new home this afternoon. Her family had spotted her on Cat Chat and thought she was just beautiful and the purrfect cat for them. Thanks again for your help.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield


Missie, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatMissie came into us from a multicat household. Her owner had health problems and was unable to look after the cats properly. Missie was very nervous and needed a quiet stable home where she could have some TLC and a patient owner to regain her confidence. Missy has now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat. Thank you.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Cuba, from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through CatChatCuba likes to go outside. She’s fairly timid/shy with strangers but absolutely fine around those she knows. She is not a lap cat but will come snuggle beside you if you have a cosy blanket on. Cuba was spotted on Cat Chat so thank you as always for your help.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Bob, from Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, BoltonAdorable Bob has been adopted after being seen on Cat Chat.  The lovely couple who have adopted him fell in love with him even before meeting him. When they did meet him, it just confirmed that they wanted him in their lives.  He is currently still settling into his new home but already starting to play a little, and really loves his food.  He is such a sweet natured cat, even after being outside for at least two years.  I am so happy for him as he is in such caring and responsible hands, and is already loved so much. I am so very grateful to you all at Cat Chat for the fantastic service you offer us all, thank you very much indeed.  

Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, Bolton


Venus, from Paws & Claws Animal Rescue Service, homed through CatChatVenus, one of our long-stay residents, has just left us to go to her new home. A kind lady drove all the way from Hampshire to see her here in West Sussex, after having spotted her on Cat Chat, and decided to give her a home. As Venus is a nervous cat we are all the more delighted that she was finally chosen. Thank you so much for all your help and support. Cat Chat is fantastic!

Paws & Claws Animal Rescue Service, Haywards Heath

Lincoln, Lindy, Loki & Lola

Lincoln, Lindy, Loki & Lola, from Ryedale & Scarborough Cat Welfare, Scarborough, homed through Cat ChatLincoln (left) is a pale tabby with white and ginger tones. Very shy, frightened to start with but once used to people comes out of himself and is loving and friendly. Lindy (middle) is a very friendly tabby and white female. Lola and Loki (right) are grey tabby and white kittens, very shy and timid to start but getting more confident. Just to let u know we have now homed all of them through Cat Chat. Many thanks.

Ryedale & Scarborough Cat Welfare, Scarborough

Hissy & Spitty

Hissy & Spitty, from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatThese two little ones were born outdoors and came to us at about ten weeks old. They were both very scared to begin with but their confidence is growing, albeit at different rates. They’ve now found an excellent furever home thanks to Cat Chat. They weren't the easiest kittens to place ... the clue is in the names .... and doing it in a covid-safe way was a challenge. However they're settling really well into their new home together now and we're delighted to see the progress they're making.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield


Poppy, from Ryedale & Scarborough Cats Welfare, homed through CatChatFriendly female Poppy needed a quiet home with no other cats, as she was frightened of them. She found her perfect home through Cat Chat. Thank you.

Ryedale & Scarborough Cats Welfare, Scarborough


Judy, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatJudy is a quiet girl that needs a quiet home where she can have as much attention as possible. Her owner died and she came to us. Extremely nervous until she gets to know you, she keeps herself to herself and does not bother with the other cats. Judy had been with us for quite sometime, but thanks to Cat Chat she was seen and has now been rehomed.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Boris, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, homed through CatChatBoris was left in a house when the tenants moved out. He was a little shy when he came in, but he is a lovely chap. Boris was rehomed via Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Quigley & Rafferty

Quigley & Rafferty, from Small Pet & Cat Care, Hull, homed through Cat ChatShy and timid brothers Quigley & Rafferty were looking for an understanding owner with a quiet home. They belonged to an elderly lady but spent most of their time in her garden so they hadn't had much human contact. After being in care for more than 18 months, we are very pleased to tell you that they’ve gone to their FURever home together after being seen on Cat Chat’s Overlooked Cats page. Thank you very much for helping us to help them.

Small Pet & Cat Care, Hull


Rafferty, from CAT77, Doncaster South, homed through Cat ChatLovely Rafferty was born in a distribution centre yard in 2019. He's a nervous boy & needs patience and TLC to continue his socialisation, so needed an experienced home. He has now found the perfect forever home thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat.

Cat Action Trust 77, Doncaster South

The 3 Girls

The 3 Girls, from Cat Neutering, Stratford upon Avon, homed through Cat ChatThese beautiful semi feral cats were seeking stables or a large outside space to make their home. Thanks to Cat Chat’s Twenty for 2020 Campaign, which aims to find homes for cats who have been in rescue care too long, they’ve now found their forever home. After an initial period getting used to their new surroundings, we received this update: "They are all now roaming free on the farm catching my rats and having a great time. I don’t see them very often but they are eating and leaving their presents for me on the floor!"

Cat Neutering, Stratford upon Avon


Lola, from Burton-Upon-Stather Cat Rescue, Scunthorpe, homed through Cat ChatLovely Lola, who was in rescue for nearly two years, has now been adopted by a wonderful family who have given her a perfect new life. She’s a very nervous girl who needed lots of time and patience to settle into any potential new home. Despite several enquires for Lola the special family we needed to adopt her never came along until recently. We can now say that Lola is well and truly settled in her new home. In fact she has settled far more quickly than we ever dared hope. We are so grateful to her new family for giving this lovely girl the patience and understanding she needed. A very contented and happy pussy. And we’re so happy too. Lola was homed through Cat Chat.

Burton-Upon-Stather Cat Rescue, Scunthorpe

Louie & Lottie

Louie & Lottie , from Cat Neutering Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, homed through Cat ChatLouie (black & white male) and Lottie (grey female) are around nine weeks old and love playing and sleeping together. They are very nervous after a sad start in life, but in the right home, they would have a chance to blossom. They needed someone who would be around a lot and to give them time and love. They were spotted on Cat Chat and have now gone to their forever home.

Cat Neutering Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire


Tinkerbell, from Mansfield Cat Watch, homed through Cat ChatTinkerbell is a special lady. After being passed from pillar to post throughout her short life Tinkerbell is now very defensive, but does blossom into a very loving girl. Thank you so much for listing Tinkerbell, I'm pleased to say she has found her new home thanks to the Cat Chat listing.

Mansfield Cat Watch, Mansfield

Ed & Ellie, Valley

Ed & Ellie, Valley, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatDespite being nervous, lovely siblings Ed & Ellie (left) eventually found a home after being seen on Cat Chat. Poor little dumped, drenched, terrified Valley (right) was listed in the hope a home would come up quickly, luckily for her it did and by all accounts she's turned into a little sweetheart.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham


Ten month old Zen is a sweet, gentle little chap who was rescued after suffering abuse as a kitten. This made him petrified out of his tiny mind of humans. However, with the loving care from his foster mum, although still slightly fearful, Zen is now a happy little boy again. We are delighted to announce, our brave boy Zen has gone to his wonderful new family, who saw him on Cat Chat. A very special couple came forward, who understood this brave boy totally, and without question, were committed to protecting and loving him unconditionally for the rest of his life come what may. 

Sherman’s Rescue, Cambridgeshire 


Trevor is now 2 years old and has been needing a home since he rescued at the age of 6 months. He received poor early life nurturing from his mother and owners. He  eventually became a feral, outdoor cat before being rescued. He received lots of care and attention at the shelter in the hope he could be tamed. Now Trevor is an adult, he presents as nervous and suspicious of humans but has come to love his home comforts. We are delighted to share that Trevor has now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Consett Cat Rescue, County Durham


Rescue cat Sally from Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity, West Yorkshire, homed through Cat Chat Sally arrived in our care because her owner moved, and wasn’t allowed to take her. This lovely, sweet but nervous girl has now been rehomed through Cat Chat. Thank you.

Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity (BARC), Barnsley


Binky from All Animal Rescue, Southampton, homed through Cat ChatBinky is a 4 year old tabby and white longhaired male cat who came in to the rescue as his owner was unable to cope with his needs. Binky does not have much confidence, when he is unsure he will try to make himself look as fierce as possible, but his quivering body gives the game away. He was looking for an experienced cat owner, willing to give him a quiet steady home and able to give him space when he needs it and to spend time with him when he needs someone to give him courage. This little man is unsettled by change and does not like busy human environments, so a quiet home was essential. Great news! We are delighted to say that Binky has found his forever home thanks to Cat Chat.

All Animal Rescue, Southampton

Nancy & Dodger

Nancy & Dodger, from Eight Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatHi, we’re delighted, amazed and relieved to let you know that Nancy (left) and Dodger (right) have found a very special home together, after being spotted on Cat Chat. They're not the most confident cats, especially Dodger, but have found a lovely couple who will help their trust in humans to grow.

Eight Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield


Kiara from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, homed through Cat ChatKiara came from a difficult household, but she has turned into a beautiful girl after having good, regular food and good care. She was extremely nervous at first but she began to trust us, though a sudden movement or noise made her run back to hide. She did not have a good start in life so she deserved a quiet, secure home. Thankfully Kiara has now been rehomed via Catchat. Thank you Cat Chat for helping us find a home for her.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, South Wales

Molly & Mae

Molly & Mae, from RSPCA Stort Valley, Harlow, homed through Cat ChatThese beautiful girls are 4-month old Molly and Mae, who were found in a box. Even though they are quite shy, they’ve now been homed as a result of being seen on Cat Chat's Overlooked Cats section. Thank you so much for helping to find a loving home for them!

RSPCA Stort Valley, Harlow


Gordon from Rugeley Cats Society Charitable Trust, homed through Cat ChatGordon was a 7 year old lad who found himself on the lookout for a new home. He was a little nervous, so he was looking for a child free home where someone would be able to give him plenty of head rubs and fusses. He was also nervous of other cats so his special wish was for a home all to himself with a garden where he could have a little amble. Luckily he was spotted on Cat Chat and he now has that special loving home all of his own.

Rugeley Cats Society Charitable Trust


Spot, from Angus Cat Rescue, Arbroath, homed through Cat ChatSpot is around 4 years old, a bit of a worrier till he gets to know you. He was spotted on the Cat Chat pages and is settling in great in his new home. Many thanks for your continued support.

Angus Cat Rescue, Arbroath


Honey from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society homed through Cat ChatHoney came to us over 2 years ago when she was found abandoned. She was clearly distressed and cowered if you approached her for fuss. This could be the result of an abusive past. We managed to rehome her, but sadly it didn't work out and she was returned even more distressed than before. She was rehomed once again, and settled in really well. But sadly her owners returned her through no fault of her own. Now she has found a lovely home via Cat Chat via their Overlooked Cats section. Hopefully this will be third time lucky for poor frightened Honey.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society


Poppy, from Cat Action 77, Doncaster South, homed through Cat ChatPoppy is a lovely fluffy cat born in 2013 who was left behind when her owner moved away. She is nervous around new people until she gets to know you, and needs a quiet, understanding home that will help her grow in confidence. She now has found her perfect home thanks to being seen on Cat Chat.

Cat Action 77, Doncaster South


Kieran from Cramar Cat Rescue, Birmingham, homed through Cat ChatKieran arrived at Cramar a very frightened young man. Once he began to trust his foster mum he became affectionate and gave purrs and headbumps but he was not a confident lap cat. So he was looking for a home with calm, patient and understanding people who would give him all the time he needed to settle in and learn to trust. Thankfully he was spotted in Cat Chat's Overlooked Cats section and has now gone to his new home.

Cramar Cat Rescue, Birmingham

Busy Bee & Bing

Busy Bee & Bing, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend homed through Cat ChatBusy Bee (left) is a shy girl who can be very affectionate. After being with us for some time, she has now been rehomed via Cat Chat. Bing (right), a wonderful but very nervous large tom cat, has also been rehomed via your page. His new owner travelled two hours to get to us despite rescues nearer her. She saw him on Cat Chat and decided the journey was worth it.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Benji from Thanet Cat Club,Broadstairs, homed through Cat ChatBenji needed rehoming due to his owners' change of circumstances. He was initially untrusting and frightened but is now a friendly boy who likes the company of people and purrs loudly enjoying a fuss. We are happy to report Benji has gone to a loving home after being read about on Cat Chat. He has settled very well. Thank you to everyone at Cat Chat for your hard work and help.

Thanet Cat Club,Broadstairs


Lara, from Burton Joyce Cat Rescue, Nottingham homed through Cat ChatLara is a stunning, long-haired tabby girl, around 4-5 years old. Being abandoned by her owner has left her lacking in confidence but thanks to Cat Chat she has now found a couple who are prepared to give her a chance.

Burton Joyce Cat Rescue, Nottingham


Frog from Rugeley Cats Society, Staffs/West Midlands, homed through Cat Chat5 year old Frog was fending for himself on the streets for quite some time before coming to Rugeley Cats Society. He doesn't really like other cats or dogs, and was looking for a family with older children as he loves humans but he's just a little timid. He was spotted in Cat Chat's Overlooked Cats section and now we are delighted to say he has the happy home he deserves.

Rugeley Cats Society, Staffs/West Midlands


Reuben from Anim-Mates, Sevenoaks, homed through Cat ChatReuben was a gentle, shy boy who really just wanted to be loved again and was looking for a quiet home, maybe with other gentle cats. He has found his happy home with a lady in Maidstone who saw him in Cat Chat's Overlooked Cats section. Many thanks to all the volunteers at wonderful Cat Chat!

Reuben from Anim-Mates, Sevenoaks


Pixie from Consett Cat Rescue, Co. Durham homed through Cat ChatPixie was a beautiful tortie with stunning green eyes, but because she was such a shy girl who hid whenever a stranger appeared, she got constantly overlooked. She also needed a quiet home with a very patient new owner. Thankfully she has now found a perfect new home due to being spotted on Cat Chat.

Consett Cat Rescue, Co. Durham


Penny from All Animal Rescue, Southampton, homed through Cat ChatPenny was handed in to a local vets as a stray. She was nervous at first but became really affectionate, loving to be stroked and cuddled. She was looking for a home where she would have time to grow and come out of her shell. Her new owners spotted her on Cat Chat and have given her a loving forever home.

All Animal Rescue, Southampton

Figgy, Pixel and more...

Figgy & Pixel from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatFiggy (left) was a skinny stray who gave birth to 5 kittens in a porchway. ​Once her kittens were rehomed, we had her neutered. She panicked a little when picked up so we looked for a home without young children. Pixel (right) was a young female who came to us as the family had a new baby and he was allergic to the cat. She was a quiet girl looking for a loving home. Jane was a beautiful blue tortoiseshell. She was shy and therefore was also looking for a quiet, safe home. Thankfully all three of these beautiful cats found their loving forever homes due to being spotted on Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

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