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Below are some of the beautiful black cats homed after being seen on Cat Chat.
If YOU have homed a cat with Cat Chat’s help, we'd love to know! If you have adopted a cat after seeing them on Cat Chat, or shelters who have re-homed a cat with Cat Chat's help, please email us as follows (with a photo if possible): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they could star on our "Roll of Honour"!


TikTok, from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, homed through CatChatTiktok is now settling into his lovely new home thanks to having been spotted on Cat Chat. Thank you as always for your help.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield


Samson, from Pawz for Thought, Sunderland, homed through Cat ChatBig boy Samson came to Pawz as a stray, he needed an adult-only home willing to give him time to settle. He had the potential to be a loving cat in time, with the right owner. He has now been adopted and is settled in his new home. The adopter found us through Cat Chat. Thanks.

Pawz for Thought, Sunderland


Luca, from Friends of Felines, homed through CatChatLuca is a lovely big black panther, about 5 years old. He is a quiet, sweet and affectionate boy who has been neutered and chipped. He was thrown out of his home when his owner moved away, and he had to live as a street cat for a year. He has been rehomed via CatChat.

Friends of Felines, Halstead


Jodie, from Ryedale & Scarborough Cats Welfare, homed through CatChatJodie was found wandering the streets in the Scarborough area, being cared for by a family, but they had their own cats. She has been homed through your site. Many thanks.

Ryedale and Scarborough Cats Welfare, Scarborough


Freddie, from Thanet Cat Club, homed through CatChatFreddie who has been with us for 10 months, has a lovely new home and is settling very well. He is another of our cats that was seen on Cat Chat. Thank you!

Thanet Cat Club, Broadstairs


Beckett, from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatWe were asked to take a lovely lady cat called Becky into rescue when her elderly human sadly died. It struck us when she arrived that she was a rather large and muscular lass, but she was grieving and it had been a big upheaval for her, so we kept quiet. She cried quite a bit in the night at first and we thought she had a rather deep and loud voice, but again thought nothing of it. After a few days, she was having a wash during a snuggle session, and revealed the information that she wasn't actually Becky at all! We've renamed him ‘Beckett’ and have no idea how long he'd been passing as a lady cat. Despite the confusion, he's been a typical soft tom cat. He loves his cuddles and comes to sit on my lap the moment I sit down in his bedroom. He purrs and snuggles until I have to move. Beckett was spotted on Cat Chat and has now been rehomed.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield


Neron, from Felines 1st, Crawley, homed through Cat ChatMeet Neron, an outdoor farm cat, named after the handsome new male jaguar that is a recent addition to The Big Cat Sanctuary family. Neron was looking for a home on a farm or smallholding where he could have shelter and be fed daily in return for mousing duties. He has now found the perfect home, thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat. Thank you for all of your help.

Felines 1st, Crawley


Moe, from Here for Cats, Cobham, homed through Cat ChatThanks to Cat Chat we found Here For Cats and Moe. We lost our beloved Tiger Tabby to kidney disease and looking for a cat that could get on with a dog and another rescue cat, and found Moe, or Moe found us. He has settled in well and enjoying life out and about.

Kevin adopted Moe from Here for Cats, Cobham


Foxy, from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh, homed through Cat ChatFoxy is a two year old fluffy male. He came into the Sanctuary in a bit of a mess and had to get a good shave to remove all the matted fur. He is a loner, very territorial, and does not like the company of other cats. He loves to spend his day in the fresh air and loves being outdoors. Foxy has now been rehomed thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat!! Thanks so much, as always, for the great work you do!

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Mabel, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatMabel came into us about six weeks ago and was quite aggressive, she had obviously been scrounging and having to fight for her food. We rehomed her where she surprised us by settling so well. Mabel was great with the family and dog, however she did not like the resident cat. They kept her for one month, but the cats would not stop fighting! Although Mabel was only seven months old, she was the boss and kept chasing the other cat away. She was reluctantly brought back because it was not fair on the family cat to be chased out of her own home. Mabel has now found a new home via Cat Chat, she wasn’t on the site long, and her new owners are delighted with her. Great site.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Thomas, from Thanet Cat Club, homed through CatChatA very special cat to us, has settled into his wonderful new home after being spotted on our Cat Chat advert. Thank you to Nicole for offering Thomas his forever home.

Thanet Cat Club, Broadstairs


Maisie, from Cat Action Trust 1977 - Leeds, homed through CatChatI’ve just spoken to Maisie's new owner who confirmed she spotted her on Cat Chat, so thanks again for all your help. I don’t know why we had Maisie so long as she’s such a gorgeous, friendly girl and gets on with everyone, including other cats and dogs. The lady loves her already so this will be permanent for her at last. Many thanks.

Cat Action Trust 1977, Leeds


Raven, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatRaven is a lovely boy that was left behind by his owner when lockdown started. Instead of taking him with them, they left him to fend for himself. Neighbours had been feeding him for weeks until he came into our care. He is a very lovable boy, has gorgeous yellow eyes and a sleek black coat like a panther. Raven has just been rehomed via Cat Chat - we had so many people enquiring after him after spotting him on Cat Chat, but did not remove him until he was actually picked up by a lovely family. We have homed so many cats from your site even though there has been a lockdown, people have been patient in waiting. Thanks.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Mabel, from Cats in Crisis, homed through Cat ChatPleased to report that Mabel has been homed to a lovely lady after being seen on our Cat Chat page. Early reports are that she is settling in nicely! Mabel wasn’t all that happy being in rescue, and had started to show signs of stress, in the form of over-grooming on her neck and head. Hopefully that will stop now that she has a quiet home all to herself, and someone to fuss over her. Thank you for putting her on Cat Chat.

Cats in Crisis (Thanet), Margate


Lucien, from National Animal Trust, homed through Cat ChatWe are really happy to say that Lucien went off to his new home yesterday. We are also happy to say that his new family contacted us after seeing him on your overlooked cats section. Thank you so much for your help in finding Lucien his lovely new family.

National Animal Trust, Leicester

Bertie & Freddie

Bertie & Freddie, from Little Paws Cat Haven, homed through Cat ChatBertie (left) and Freddie (right) are totally bonded and love each other and everyone else! They are very fussy and friendly, and so happy to be with anyone. We got a home for Bertie and Freddie through Cat Chat this week.

Little Paws Cat Haven, Wolverhampton


Spooky, from Cat Rescue West Wales, homed through Cat ChatThis handsome chap's name may be Spooky but there's nothing scary about him! He can be a little shy to start with but once he's settled in he will be king of the house. Spooky was homed through being seen on Cat Chat. Thank you.

Cat Rescue West Wales, Whitland


Susie, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, homed through Cat ChatFantastic news, Susie our overlooked cat has eventually found a home after being seen on Cat Chat.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham


George from Little Paws Cat Haven, homed through Cat ChatWe had George who was on your overlooked cats - he was rehomed from being seen on CatChat, and he is having a lovely life now, being pampered constantly.

Little Paws Cat Haven, Wolverhampton


Flossy, from Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford, homed through Cat ChatLovely Flossy is on the shyer side. It took her a few days longer to settle than some other cats, but given she likes being made a fuss of, she will enjoy a lot of attention! She came to us with her five kittens, having been found in someone’s garden. All kittens were homed, and Flossy has also been rehomed thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat.

Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford

Sookie & Nigella

Sookie & Nigella, from All Animal Rescue, Southampton, homed through Cat ChatSookie (left) is a lovely girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, she is super nervous until she is confident in her surroundings, at which point she turns in to a cuddle monster. Nigella (right) came in to the rescue after being dumped by her owner. Nigella is what we call a horizontal cat, she is super chilled and just loves to be around people. Thanks to your lovely website both Sookie and Nigella have gone to new homes.

All Animal Rescue, Southampton


Sophie is a beautiful 13-year-old, outdoor, black female cat. She is affectionate and enjoys a stroke but will let you know when she’s had enough. Her days revolve around food and sleep like most older cats but she is inquisitive and playful for her age. We are delighted that Sophie has now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Cats Protection Glasgow, Scotland 


Poppet, from Caring Animal Rescue, Stafford, homed through Cat ChatMiss Poppet is approximately seven months old and is a very fussy cat. She is very affectionate, full of energy and loves a play fight. She has now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Caring Animal Rescue, Stafford


Lola, from Little Cottage Rescue, Luton, homed through Cat ChatLola is a year old, jet black with a sleek feathery coat and looks like a small, shiny black fox. She is petite and very ladylike. Pleased to say Lola has now found a new home, thanks to Cat Chat.

Little Cottage Rescue, Luton


Lady is a beautiful and friendly 2 year old cat who loves attention and fuss. She is very playful and enjoys running around after her toys. She has now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Thanet Cat Club. Kent (East)


Victor, from Anim-Mates, Sevenoaks, homed through Cat ChatVictor is a big gentle cat and a real softie, craving love and cuddles. He adores being brushed and getting belly rubs, purring his head off. Victor, thought to be about 6 years old, was covered in scabs and had a nasty abscess which required an extraction. We are delighted to inform you that Victor has been rehomed to a gentleman who first saw his new cat in the Overlooked page on Cat Chat. Many thanks.

Anim-Mates, Sevenoaks

Kitty & Molly

Kitty and Molly, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatKitty (left) and Molly (right) are black girls who had a bit of a rough time but are now settled in a loving home thanks to Cat Chat.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham


Willow, from Caring Animal Rescue, Stafford, homed through Cat ChatBeautiful Willow likes her home comforts and is not really bothered about going outside. She is very affectionate and has plenty of love to give. Willow has just gone to her lovely new home thanks to being seen on Cat Chat.

Caring Animal Rescue, Stafford


Sam, from Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatThe lovely Sam found his new start in life recently thanks to Cat Chat.

Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham


Ebony from Kirkby Cats Home, homed Nottingham areaSome amazing news, our overlooked cat Ebony has at last found new home paradise after years in the rescue. She owes this to being spotted on Cat Chat and someone who likes a challenge. Ebony was a bit on the wild side and it was thought she was destined for life as a farm cat. Her life took a bit of a different turn though when she caught flu and everyone thought she wouldn’t pull through. She was nursed up at the house and never quite made it back to the pens! However within an hour of being in her new home she's become an attention seeking fusspot and her new owner is thinking he got the wrong cat. She just didn't like the rescue. Thank you again Cat Chat!

Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham


Tilly, from Cats In Distress, Frome, homed through Cat ChatTilly is a cat with cattitude. She's had trauma to her hind legs but it doesn't stop her getting around. She is very nosey and loves to see what you're doing. She is also very playful chasing after her favourite toys. She's a gorgeous cat full of character. We love her! Her new owners did mention Cat Chat in their search, so thank you all for the work you do in helping us rehome cats.

Cats In Distress, Frome

Lola & Princess

Lola & Princess from Burton upon Stather Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatAfter several months in rescue 5 year old sisters Lola and Princess have found their forever home. These delightful girls are the sweetest natured cats and have gone to live in a quiet home with a lady whose two black cats had sadly passed away. It didn’t take long for Lola and Princess to settle in their new surroundings and their new mummy is so happy she has been able to give the girls the special home we were looking for. And of course we’re delighted at such a happy ending. Lola and Princess found their new home via Cat Chat.

Burton upon Stather Cat Rescue


Skye from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatSkye came to us a few weeks ago after her elderly human died. She was a sweet little girl but clearly upset and anxious after seeing her mum die and then all the disruption of people arriving and the house starting to be cleared. Sadly she was full of fleas when she arrived and this had taken its toll on her lovely black jacket. She was looking for a home with someone who would have a bit of patience to allow her to grieve and then begin a new life. We are delighted to let you know that Skye was spotted on Cat Chat and went to her new home yesterday.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield


Rosie, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatRosie has not had much of a life, she has been bred and bred as the owner was not responsible enough to have her neutered. With a lot of persuasion we took Rosie in, as she deserved a home where she would be loved and cared for properly, to have regular meals and proper care and attention. Rosie has now been rehomed via Cat Chat. Lovely to hear in your newsletter how many more cats have been rehomed via this site, we could not do without you.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Jet, from RSPCA Stort Valley, Harlow, homed through Cat ChatBeautiful Jet is a young black cat with striking eyes. Jet started his life living on the streets, because of this he was very shy and quite nervous of humans. Having said that, each day he made progress and now enjoys being scratched behind the ears and a nice chin rub. Jet was homed as a result of being on overlooked cats on Cat Chat.

RSPCA Stort Valley, Harlow


Cocoa from Homeless Cat Rescue, Luton, homed through Cat ChatGreat news that Cocoa has now found a home and it is thanks to Cat Chat that he is there now. Cocoa is as sweet as his name suggests. He is loving, affectionate and an all round incredible cat. He does have a flea, mite and dust allergy which causes him to over groom. He needs to be an indoor cat and care must be taken with his food, medication and his surroundings to keep him healthy. Cocoa has been an absolute pleasure to foster and is certain to bring love and joy to his new owner.

Homeless Cat Rescue, Luton


Magic from BabsCats, Swanley, homed through Cat ChatLittle black Magic came to the shelter through no fault of her own and desperately needed to find a loving home. She is 2 years old, super friendly and has been neutered. She was spotted on Cat Chat and is now going to a loving forever home all of her own. Thanks Cat Chat!

BabsCats, Swanley


Luna from BabsCats, Swanley, homed through Cat ChatLovely Luna is around 2 years old. Luna was looking for a loving, kind home with a garden that she could explore once she was fully settled in, and with no children. The good news is that she was spotted on Cat Chat by a local lady and has been rehomed. Lucky black cat week! Many thanks again to Cat Chat.

BabsCats, Swanley


Alfie from Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatAlfie came to us after his owner moved away and left him without a backward glance, and he was very defensive at first. This young lad deserved better, as all these beautiful animals do, a home where he will be lavished with love and affection for the rest of his life. Thankfully we are delighted to say that Alfie has been adopted after being seen on Cat Chat. Thank you Cat Chat for all your help and support.

Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue


Kiki, from Paws and Claws, West Sussex, homed through Cat ChatKiki is a stunning girl who doesn’t take kindly to other cats - her perfect home would be an adult-only, quiet household as the only pet. After all, if you are THAT beautiful, you should have your owners' attention all to yourself! She has finally been adopted thanks to Cat Chat and we hope she will be much loved in her new home and will live happily ever after.

Paws and Claws, West Sussex


Minnie from All Animal Rescue, Southampton, homed through Cat Chat2 year old Minnie came to the rescue to find the perfect forever home. She has the nicest temperament, she loves a cuddle, and still loves a good play. Minnie was looking for a home where she is the only cat in the household as she is not keen on other cats. She was spotted on Cat Chat recently and we are delighted to say she has gone to a wonderful new home.

All Animal Rescue, Southampton


Woody, from Royston Animal Welfare, Barnsley, homed through Cat ChatHi folks, I'm Woody! Howdy howdy howdy. I am a handsome black-coated lad of only 8 months old; I love to play, like most kittens do, and I'd like to be the only pet if you please, you know what they say about the town not being big enough...! Now I know there's all sorts of talk about black kitties... firstly, you should know that it's true, we go with everything, and secondly, we're very lucky! I’ve now found myself a forever ranch (erm… house) thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat. I settled in straight away, and now follow my new owner round like a little lap dog!

Royston Animal Welfare, Barnsley


Jessie from Crescent Cat Rescue, Tendring, Essex, homed through Cat ChatJessie is a very friendly lady who loves a fuss and a game. Unfortunately being black she got overlooked though she is really affectionate and loves to play. The good news is that she was seen in the Overlooked Cats section on Cat Chat and has gone to a lovely new home.

Crescent Cat Rescue, Tendring, Essex

Coco Chanel

Very friendly and affectionate black girl who likes to give headbonks and kisses, also a lapcat. Loves igloo beds! She has now found a new home thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat.

Lina’s Cat Rescue, Derby


Samie from Burton upon Stather Cat Rescue homed through Cat ChatSamie had been through a traumatic time. She had a very loving and happy home with her human daddy but sadly he passed away suddenly and she was left in the house all alone. After a few days she came into the rescue, very frightened. Her fosterer spent a lot of time with her and she became really loving, friendly and playful. She needed a quiet home with lots of love and attention and thanks to Cat Chat she now has a loving home once more.

Burton upon Stather Cat Rescue


Ruby, from Royston Animal Welfare, Barnsley, homed through Cat ChatRuby is an all black little lady of approx 2years old. She's been through a lot recently, out on the streets in this horrible weather experiencing who knows what. She's friendly when she gets to know her new human and is coming out of her shell more each day. She has now found a home after being seen on Cat Chat. Thank you for putting her in touch with her new mum.

Royston Animal Welfare, Barnsley


Susie from Burton Joyce Cat Rescue, Nottingham homed through Cat ChatBeautiful panther girl Susie came to the rescue homeless and traumatised but made great strides with all the fuss and attention she received. She was passed over many times because she is black but within two days of being added to Cat Chat's Overlooked Cats section, she found her new home. Susie says "thanks Cat Chat, I'm sorted".

Burton Joyce Cat Rescue, Nottingham

Shelby, Ralph & Ellie

Shelby, Ralph & Ellie, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatMore good news! Shelby (left), Ralph (middle) and Ellie (right) have all found homes after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham


Luna from Burton Upon Stather Cat Rescue, Lincolnshire, homed through Cat ChatLovely Luna was found straying on an industrial site, a super friendly girl who enjoys lots of fuss. She has now found her forever home. There was no settling in period, she adapted to her new home from the day she joined her new family. Her new mummy and daddy adore her and we're not surprised as she is such a friendly girl. Luna was seen on Cat Chat by her new family. Thank you Cat Chat. Our pussies would not find such lovely homes if it wasn't for you.

Burton Upon Stather Cat Rescue, Lincolnshire

Frosty & Kia

Frosty & Kia, from Cat Action Trust77, Doncaster, homed through Cat ChatLittle Frosty (left) didn't have the best start to life, and was a little unsure when he first met  people. He’s now been homed thanks to being seen on Cat Chat. Gorgeous Kia (right) is a lovely young lady who came into care after being found dodging cars in the street. She is very friendly, and playful, and is all round the purrfect family pet. Now rehomed thanks to being seen on Cat Chat.

Cat Action Trust 77, Doncaster


Sparky from All Animal Rescue, homed through Cat ChatWhen little Sparky was taken into rescue, he was in a bad way. He was fearful, underweight and suffering from massive fur loss due to a horrendous flea infestation. Thankfully Sparky responded well to the treatment and kindness he received at the shelter, and his rescuers told us he has now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

All Animal Rescue, Southampton


Smudge, from Fur & Feathers Animal Sanctuary, Wythall, homed through Cat ChatThree year old pretty Smudge was very shy but has just managed to bag herself a new home, thanks to Cat Chat.

Fur & Feathers Animal Sanctuary, Wythall, Worcs.


tansy, from Cat Rescue Chippenham, Wiltshire, homed through Cat ChatPoor Tansy wasn't coping in her home with other cats, she was very stressed. Her owners thought it would be best for her to find another home which suited her timid character. After being seen on Cat Chat, she’s just gone to her new home. Thank you so much, your help has been invaluable this year.

Cat Rescue Chippenham, Wiltshire


Roxy, from RSPCA Durham & District, Durham, homed through Cat ChatRoxy is a very forward queen who loves giving and receiving affection. She has now been rehomed. Thanks Cat Chat, again and yet again!

RSPCA Durham & District, Durham


Meg rescue cat from Cat Action Trust 1977 - Nuneaton and Hinckley, homed through Cat ChatI'd like to give everyone at Cat Chat a massive thank you, not only for the amazing work you do, but also because I'd never have had Meg in my life without you. She's incredibly loyal and loving, she loves nothing more than to join me in my gaming sessions, as you can see in my photo, she's the best and the perfect gaming buddy! Thank you again.

Dan, new human friend to Meg. Meg was at Cat Action Trust 1977 - Nuneaton & Hinckley


John, from Angus Cat Rescue, Arbroath, homed through Cat ChatLovely John, friendly loving boy who spends his day out hunting then comes in for all his home comforts, then snuggles up in bed and sleeps the night away, has finally found his forever home, thanks to Cat Chat. Thank you!

Angus Cat Rescue, Arbroath


Stripes, Choccie and Chenille, from Rolvenden Cat Rescue, Kent, homed through Cat ChatLovely kittens Stripes, Choccie and Chenille have gone to two separate homes, two to one home and the other with two kittens from another litter. All to family homes and the reports are that they are all settling well and creating mayhem.

Rolvenden Cat Rescue, Kent


Nemo from Cat Rescue, Chippenham, homed through Cat ChatA very big thank you for helping us once again.  We have now rehomed Nemo to someone who saw him on the Cat Chat website.  He has just gone to his new home today after a 4 month stay with us.  Many many thanks.

Cat Rescue, Chippenham


Milo & Jess, from Cat Concern, Glasgow homed through Cat ChatI'm delighted to say I adopted Milo (right) and Jess (left) from Cat Concern after seeing them on Cat Chat. My first ever black cats and two beautiful guys they are too. They love looking out the window. Best wishes. ??

Meg & Cat Concern, Glasgow


 Gucci from Nuneaton and Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinkley, homed through Cat ChatA slow start to the year for our homing page but we are very happy for little Gucci who, having been rescued as a stray, found her perfect home with lots of fuss and spoiling. Many thanks to all at Cat Chat.

Nuneaton and Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinkley


Tallulah from National Animal Welfare Trust - Tameside, homed through Cat ChatOnce again we want to say thank you for helping Tallulah find a loving home. Tallulah is now enjoying life with her new owner and best friend who is a retired teacher, she is flourishing!

National Animal Welfare Trust - Tameside, Manchester


Paulie, from Stokey Cats...and dogs, London, homed through Cat ChatWe are very pleased to say that Paulie has been rehomed through Cat Chat :-) His new owner saw him on the Overlooked Cats section and fell in love instantly with this charming boy. Thank you so much for helping Paulie find a new loving home!

Stokey Cats...and dogs, London

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