Montague, from Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatCat Chat has done it again! We can't believe it, the older (12), not particularly pretty, toothless, grumpy old so and so has got a new home! After over two years in the rescue - his owners left him Dec 2013 for two weeks and never came back - the old grump has got himself new digs and it's all down to him being seen on Cat Chat. Monty's reaction to this has been amazing, he loves his new people, adores his home and has had a complete personality transplant - all Monty needed was someone to give him a chance. Monty's microchip hails from abroad, the Greece/Turkey area so I guess we can say that Monty's asylum claim has been approved and he now has full British citizenship!

Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham