Buzz, from Marjorie Nash, Amersham, homed through Cat ChatBuzz came in to us as a stray who had obviously got lost or been left behind as he was very friendly.  His coat was in a dreadful state and we had to clip out all the matts, so he wasn't looking at his best for several weeks.  After a wait of several months and one false start though no fault of his own, Buzz has at last found a place to call home.  He's gone to a lovely family with no other cats, but a very cat-friendly dog who had apparently been missing their old cat, recently passed away at a ripe old age.  Buzz apparently wasn't hugely impressed on first introduction to the dog, and he hissed at him, but the dog was determined to be friends, went off to fetch his beloved tennis ball, brought it back and laid it in front of Buzz as a peace offering! A week on they're still not best friends but are already happy to sleep in the same room, so things are looking good.  Buzz was seen on our Cat Chat homing page, so a big thank you to Cat Chat from us, and from Buzz!

Marjorie Nash, Amersham