Misha, from Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford, homed through Cat ChatFour-year-old Misha was in an emergency foster care and on antidepressants, narrowly escaping euthanasia after losing her will to live. When we collected Misha, she was so aggressive that she was bouncing off the walls, biting and scratching. In three years Misha had to move four times, with frequent boarding when the owner travelled. Misha was also locked away and left alone due to the pending arrival of a baby. Misha was a severely traumatised cat who hated humans. She barely ate for a month, and spent her days growling, trembling and crying. Thanks to our Cat Chat page, Misha has found a fantastic forever home. She's already not aggressive anymore and has started coming closer for cuddles. The adopter is amazing and she was looking for a difficult cat. Many thanks for all you do, this is huge help!

Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford